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Everyone can start a career in TECH

For more than 3 decades, Vijay Computer Academy has been known as the champion in bridging the digital gender divide and empowering girls and women in TECH. Our missions and initiatives align to UN SDGs 4, 5, 8 , 10. We work tirelessly to empower girls and women in tech to break down obstacles to a new career. We are committed to relentlessly supporting girls and women in the tech industry, dismantling barriers to their pursuit of new careers, or diversifying in IT, or re-entry in the workforce. 

Our courses are open to individuals aged 16 and above: No degrees needed, prior IT skills or experience are required; just a willingness to learn and get a place in the high paying IT market in a short time.

Career advisors at VCA will help you to identify the right tech career based on your background, career aspiration and current talent market demand.

Get information on high demand tech career pathways and high paying new collar jobs.

Instructor-led Online IT Training

VCA’s live instructor-led IT programs address the current skills labor gap in IT and other fields by training the workforce of tomorrow.

Register in our special Data Analytics, Software Testing, Database Administration and Cybersecurity pre-apprenticeship training dedicated to women.

Discount On Tuition

Receive a big discount when paying in full at the time of enrollment. Check individual courses for more info.

Pay the tuition in easy monthly installments between 3-12 months using PayPal or Zelle.

Workforce Scholarship

We help you to apply for various workforce scholarships, including WIOA scholarship.

Student Loan

We help you to apply for easy student loan to cover 100% of course tuition.

Available for eligible students.

We recognize the unique challenges that moms face when balancing family life and pursuing a career in technology.

new collar jobs

New Collar IT Jobs

“New collar” jobs place a strong emphasis on specific digital skills rather than formal education or college degrees.

remote learning

Remote & work from home jobs

VCA’s IT bootcamps and certification courses will train you for remote IT jobs and work from home opportunities.

career services
  • Personalized career consultation
  • Resume & Linkedin profile review
  • Interview preparation
  • Build an industry-ready portfolio
  • Networking opportunities
job search assistance

Our team of employment counselors will connect our graduates, apprentices and alumni with current and future employer partners to facilitate entry level jobs and apprenticeship opportunities. Our key partner is Stellarworx.

As VCA continues to provide the best TECH education online and onsite, we welcome you to become a long standing loyal social partner by endorsing our brand!

Nurturing the next generation of female digital talent!
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girls who code

Vijay Computer Academy has been a community partner with Girls Who Code. We have trained 500+ young girls (7 to 16 years old) on various coding skills and mentor them to pursue a career in tech through free coding clubs in Houston and surrounding areas.

At the Grassroots: Empowering girls and women through IT training to bridge the digital divide

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