Advocating for gender equality in tech

What We Offer To Girls & Women In TECH

At Vijay Computer Academy, we believe in bringing more diversity to the tech industry to make it a better, more inclusive place. We work tirelessly to empower girls and women in tech to break down obstacles to a new career.

Career Pathways

VCA will give first-hand information on potential local and global IT career opportunities with essentials IT skills and certifications pathways.

VCA will help develop the plan to lead you to your dream job.

free IT career webinar
career counseling

personalized career consultation

Choosing the best career counselor is imperative to your future in the workforce.     So, you must be highly selective.                                                                                                                  At VCA, we invest our valuable time to guide our potential students to choose the right career pathway without any charges.


Unlike traditional jobs, new collar jobs are mostly technical jobs that don’t necessarily require a four-year college degree. VCA trains for high paying IT NEW COLLAR JOBS in demand in just 10 to 28 weeks

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empowering moms

The tech industry is a GREAT career mover for WORKING MOMS! NEW COLLAR JOBS have become one of the best opportunities for women in the workforce, especially during the pandemic. Employers are providing more accommodations for working moms; allowing for better childcare resources, encouraging work from home options and offering flexible advancement opportunities.

reentering the workforce

If you have lost a job, you are ready to change careers or you are returning the workforce after the break, you CAN’T MISS the opportunity to become a Data Analyst / Software Tester / Software Engineer or Database Administrator through VCA’s Re-entry Programs!

reenter work

registered IT apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have the potential to equip individuals with the skills needed to adapt to the emerging digital economy, especially first-time jobseekers and those whose jobs may become obsolete during this transition.


VCA is committed to making life-changing education possible for individuals no matter their background. Our Global Women In Tech Scholarship was created to encourage more women to take control of their careers and get started in tech. 

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tuition assistance, Workforce Grants

We offer competitive tuition, payment plans and scholarships. Learn more about VCA tuition payment options.


VCA mentoring program consists of one-on-one mentoring and group content sessions, designed to help you start and foster a successful career in tech. VCA also offers guidance through training to job search.

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vca ambassador

ambassador program

As VCA continues to provide the BEST tech education online and onsite, we welcome you to become a long standing loyal social partner by endorsing our brand!

VCA and Girls Who Code

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girls who code

Vijay Computer Academy has been a community partner with Girls Who Code. We have trained 300+ young girls (7 to 16 years old) on various coding skills and mentor them to pursue a career in tech through free coding clubs in Houston and surrounding areas.

At the Grassroots: Empowering girls and women through IT training to bridge the digital divide

Help us train & empower 100,000 Girls & Women by 2030

Nurturing the next generation of female digital talent!
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