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Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) is a minority & woman owned global institute dedicated to providing world-class IT education and training to individuals (from ages 9 to 90), small & medium scale businesses, corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, financial institutions & higher education institutes, since 1990

We train for high paying IT NEW COLLAR JOBS through our live instructor-led online IT bootcamp and IT certification courses in just 10 to 28 weeks.

Our global IT academy offers career and workforce development, and corporate and community empowerment.

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Transforming and Empowering Lives Through World-Class IT Education and Training to Build a Better Tomorrow!

No college degree? No prior IT skills?  No problem.

VCA is here to help! Enroll today in our flagship IT Bootcamps and IT Certificate Courses. 

Top IT Courses

Duration: 14 to 28 weeks.

Duration: 14 to 28 weeks.

Duration: 4 to 8 weeks.

Duration: 5 to 10 weeks.

Duration: 3 to 6 weeks.

Duration: 4 to 8 weeks.

Need Financial Assistance?

Let VCA help you to apply for various workforce scholarships.

Ready To Discover YOUR Future Career In TECH?

But first, you gotta discover what exactly is needed! Before enrolling in any of our IT courses, Vijay Computer Academy gives you the opportunity to talk to a specialist in the IT industry and vocational side to get the right career guidance.

New Collar IT Jobs & Remote Jobs

Unlike traditional jobs, new collar IT jobs are newer, mostly technical jobs that require a specialized skill set. These jobs don’t necessarily require a two / four-year college degree or any prior IT experience. VCA trains for high paying IT NEW COLLAR JOBS in demand in just 14 to 28 weeks. These jobs can also be performed remotely.

Our partnership with Stellarworx helps students without college degree to connect with employers.

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Reskill & Upskill your workforce!

Keep your business up to date with Vijay Computer Academy!​

VCA’s IT training courses provide employees and clients with the highest in demand IT skills to implement tasks efficiently. 

Get your employees the knowledge they need to perform at their best for your company! VCA offers FREE consultation to help your business identify IT training needs and how to apply for skills development fund grant by TWC.

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Jump-Start Your Career in Tech With VCA Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs

Address Your Organization’s Employment Needs While Defining Your Workforce Development Strategy With VCA Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs

Jump-Start Your Career in Tech With VCA Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs

Address Your Organization’s Employment Needs While Defining Your Workforce Development Strategy With VCA Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs

Upcoming Events

We have already trained 19,000+ girls and women in TECH and looking forward to train many more.

VCA has been extending the support to training, career counseling, mentoring to empower girls and women in TECH since 1990! VCA has just launched the Global Women in TECH Scholarship and Women to Re-enter the Workforce through TECH Program.

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Students' Testimonials

Student Spotlight

“I recently completed my Data Analytics Bootcamp from VCA and it was a very good experience. The Academy founder and trainers are very experienced, friendly, supportive and are also flexible to work around our schedule. The overall teaching methodologies and the resources are helpful to upskill. The trainers are hands-on and use real-time scenarios and case studies which helped me to relate well in understanding the concepts. In both in-person and online boot camps, you will learn data analysis, visualization, machine learning, statistical analysis, and natural language processing and many more. I definitely see a lot of changes in my stock trading style after this bootcamp, since I am able to look at data from many angles and analyze it better!

Thank you VCA!”

- Sapna

Partnerships, Affiliations and Support

Bridging the digital gender divide and preparing 32,000 people to enter the workforce is not an easy job.
That’s why at VCA, we count on the amazing support of our clients and partners to take our dream forward and fiercely work towards our goals.

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Our VCA Brand Ambassador program aims at spreading  the word out about the amazing opportunities that VCA can offer to passionate IT individuals, women and people with disabilities. 

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