Tuition Payment Options

Digital skills are needed now more than ever. Vijay Computer Academy team believes that an education in TECH is an investment and should lead to great returns, both in career satisfaction and compensation growth. That is why we offer a variety of payment options and funding opportunities so you can make your dream career possible.
Please schedule a session with our Enrollment Coordinator to answer your questions and take the next step.

Affordable Payment Plans

We want to put your educational and financial goals in reach. Many people do not progress and reach their potential because they feel it’s too expensive. Actually being unemployed or underemployed is way more expensive than our accessible programs. You can pay in 6 to 12 easy monthly installments depending on the program. 

Check the individual payment plans on each course / bootcamp page or as follows:

Data analytics bootcamp / pre-apprenticeship training

Software Testing bootcamp / pre-apprenticeship training

Database admin bootcamp / pre-apprenticeship training


  1. Master, Discover, Visa, AMEX debit card, Paypal
  2. Learn now and pay later with Paypal credit
  3. Paypal subscription (installments) plan
  4. Direct bank deposit / Zelle
  5. Cash or check payment at the campus

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