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Transforming and Empowering Lives since 1990​

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We are committed to the creation of a better tomorrow built by young and enthusiastically skilled IT professionals, with a shared vision.

As a for-profit institute with a social mission, we want to transform and empower lives to create a more sustainable world following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5 and 8. 

Our History

Founded in 1990, Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) is a global IT education and training institute. VCA is rooted in India and has a global presence with its first United States location situated in Houston, TX.

Being a minority & woman-owned global company, we are working ceaselessly to close the two biggest problems of today’s global digital economy: skills gap & gender gap in ICT.

Our quality IT education & IT training provide an immersive, outcomes-driven curriculum for :

In addition, career and workforce development is provided, alongside with corporate and community empowerment through IT certification & diploma courses.

Our Vision

We have been working tirelessly and diligently towards our ambitious goal of training 100,000 individuals in IT by 2030.

Our Achievements

From the beginning, VCA has been dedicated to giving back and empowering the community by creating a positive social impact.​

Trained 9000+ employees from various businesses across the globe.

Tutored 4500+ under privileged youth on various IT skills. Importantly, we have helped them to be workforce ready in rural areas.​

Coached 5000+ women below the poverty line and 500+ women with disabilities in India.

300+ young girls are trained through Free Coding Clubs in Houston and surrounding areas by us.​ 

Our Clients

9 to 90 years old with no need of prior IT background / skills / experience

Faith based organizations, Community based organizations, Global foundations

Why 32,000+ students have chosen VCA?

Workforce demanded world-class IT education and courses

We prepare you for a variety of high in demand IT NEW COLLAR JOBS in just 10 to 28 weeks. This way you can show employers you have the exact skills they are looking for.

Free Personalized career consultation

You may know you want a tech job, but you may not know which one will fit your finances and career goals. Get to know which are the top tech careers and how we can train you to get these IT jobs.

Live instructor led online and in-class small group training

Whether you learn on campus or through our live online programs, you will receive a comprehensive education from industry expert instructors. This includes hands-on, lab-based learning to prepare you for your IT certification tests and the workplace.


You do not need IT experience to get started! In our computer academy, we begin from the basics. Our instructors teach you everything so that you succeed during IT Bootcamps, earn IT certifications and launch your new career.


Our programs are designed to help you earn IT certifications in just 10 to 28 weeks. As a result, you can start building the experience you’ll need to earn the income you deserve!

Competitive tuition , scholarships & WORKFORCE GRANT

Need help with tuition? Save big with scholarships, workforce grant and discounts all year long.

Career services, Job search assistance

Our Career Services team offers lifelong placement and support services, connecting you with the perfect career as your skills increase.

Ready to start your IT journey?

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At The Grassroots: Empowering Girls And Women Through Training To Bridge The Digital Divide

Vijay Computer Academy encourages girls and young women to :

  • join STEM & coding clubs
  • attend ICT bootcamps 
  • take part in other extracurricular activities through community empowerment projects.

Moreover, VCA hosts regular IT training programs in classrooms and in online learning spaces to empower girls & women with all the required ICT skills for the future of work.

That is to say, our computer academy gives them the support to overcome their fears of being alone in class. Also, we aim to dismantle gender stereotypes that prevent these girls from pursuing studies in technology. Such stereotypes could be the belief that computer science is “too difficult” or “only for boys”.

Partnerships, Affiliations and Support

Bridging the gender digital gap and preparing 32,000+ people to enter the workforce is not an easy job.
That’s why at Vijay Computer Academy, we count on the amazing support of our clients and partners. Lets take our dream forward and fiercely work towards our goals.