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Aligning our missions and initiatives with UN sustainable goals

  • Provide digital skills & quality IT education for underrepresented groups and underserved communities
  • Bridging the digital gender divide at the grassroots by educating and empowering girls & women in tech
  • Bridging the skills gap with our world-class, career-oriented IT training programs, Registered IT Apprenticeship opportunities to empower youth, adults and women through workforce development

Partnerships, Affiliations and Support

Bridging the gender digital gap and preparing 33,000+ people to enter the workforce is not an easy job.
That’s why at VCA, we count on the amazing support of our clients and partners to take our dream forward and fiercely work towards our goals. Schedule a partnership meeting with us.


equals in tech

The EQUALS Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age is a committed group of corporate leaders, governments, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions, NGOs and community groups around the world dedicated to promoting gender balance in the technology sector by championing equality of access, skills development and career opportunities for women and men alike.

Vijay Computer Academy has been a proud partner with EQUALS and actively contributing in various global projects
VCA was the finalist for EQUALS TECH AWARD in 2021 in the skills category.


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.
ITU is committed to connecting all the world’s people – wherever they live and whatever their means. Through our work, we protect and support everyone’s right to communicate.​
Vijay Computer Academy has been an active member and commitment maker of The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition – multistakeholder alliance launched by ITU.


girls in ict vca

Every year VCA celebrated international GIRLSINICT day in collaboration with EQUALS and ITU by offering various free technology workshops to girls and women.


vijay computer academy
girls who code

Vijay Computer Academy has been a community partner with Girls Who Code. We have trained 500+ young girls (7 to 16 years old) on various coding skills and mentor them to pursue a career in tech through free coding clubs in Houston and surrounding areas.

We are also the commitment maker for GENERATION EQUALITY FORUM of UN WOMEN.

Vijay Computer Academy has been a member of action coalition at GENERATION EQUALITY FORUM & actively contributes on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality : Bridge the Gender Gap in Digital Access and Competences, Invest in Feminist Technology and Innovation, Build Inclusive, Transformative and Accountable Innovation Ecosystems.