We have expertise and rich experience to design, develop and execute IT career pathways through high demanded IT training:​

  • Pre apprenticeship and Registered IT Apprenticeship programs
  • School to work transition , Career training for WIOA youth, career counseling
  • Vocational IT careers and NEW COLLAR JOBS
  • Alternative pathways vs traditional college degrees
  • Summer earn and learn programs, remote worksite, remote internships
  • Upskill and reskill employees
  • Prepare youth , girls and women for “TOMORROW READY” workforce
  • Help unemployed, laid-off workers to re-enter the workforce with essential digital skills training
  • Alternative careers with most needed IT skills for the COVID19 highly impacted workers from food – restaurants, logistics, beauty, hair, nail salons, travel, aviation, oil & gas and other vulnerable industries
  • Rural skills and entrepreneurship development
  • Digital inclusion / vocational rehabilitation
  • Remote work and work from home resources
  • Job search assistance and employer match making
  • Resume writing, career services


67% of new STEM jobs are in computing.

Fewer than 0.05% of K12 teachers have Computer Science backgrounds.

STEM jobs are expected to grow by 10.8%.

90% of parents report wanting their children to study Computer Science.

VCA partnership with school districts and educational institutions

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Partnership

  • Internship for students
  • Externship for educators
  • Partnership for grants to offer on job training and youth apprenticeship programs

Pathway To Early College High School
(P-TECH) partnership

Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) is an innovative school that brings together the best elements of high school, college and the professional world.                                                                     Vijay Computer Academy will be an important P-TECH Industry Partner where we:

  • Lead the process of identifying IT skills required for entry level jobs
  • Assist in developing the workplace learning IT curriculum for students
  • Offer high-demanded IT skills training for students and educators with industry recognised certifications
  • Ensure career-ready graduates by providing a comprehensive set of focused workplace experiences
  • Provide direct exposure to IT professionals in a chosen field who can teach basic to advanced IT skills that employers seek
free p tech programs

VCA will offer following services as a P-TECH partner:

computer academy houston
computer academy houston

Consultancy and curriculum design partnership

VCA has 32 years of expertise and global experience in curriculum design, training & learning material development and training delivery on basic to advanced workforce demanded IT skills. VCA will help your students to be ready for the future of work through IT career pathways focused on labor market.

Industry Recognised Courses and Certifications


Digital Literacy and IT skills training for students, educator, administrators, staff members and parents


Registered IT Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have the potential to reduce the skills gap by equipping individuals with theskills needed to adapt to the emerging digital economy, especially first-time jobseekers andthose whose jobs may become obsolete during this transition.


partner to provide computer summer camps

VCA partners with schools, nonprofits, community and faith basedorganizations to offer various summer camps to kids and youth.

VCA prepares young students for remote learning and encourages themto learn IT skills needed for the future of work in a fun environment.                              These are live instructor led programs.

partner with vca!

  • Provide your students with the skills to take advantage of career or internship opportunities.
  • Ensure that your students have the necessary skills to enter the workforce , future of work and they are future ready.
  • Technology training for your educators to learn how to best support your students.
  • IT training for students, educators, and staff members

  • Microsoft , Oracle , Java certification training for educators

  • Data Analytics courses for Administrators and Leaders

  • Digital skills training for remote learning

  • Teaching consultancy & services for design, development of business management information and Computer science courses’ curriculum and training materials

  • Virtual STEM, coding clubs for girls

  • After school virtual IT training programs

  • Free P-tech programs for students and educators

  • Career counseling and mentoring for IT career pathways to high paying IT careers in demand 

  • Career Day Speaking and Webinars

Become VCA's partner!

Preparing the learners for the future of workforce!