VCA partners with International Organizations

VCA offer IT training to girls, women and underpriviledged globally to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. To help organizations technologically, VCA is forming public and private partnerships with international agencies to train employees in IT, equip them with proper access to internet tools and help them navigate the latest digital innovations and trends. We promote digital literacy throughout the community with free IT workshops and a FREE overview of our IT bootcamps online.

Become our partner to support SDGs 4, 5 and 8

  • Provide digital skills & quality IT education for all
  • Gender equality in the all the areas including workforce to close the digital gender divide. Educating and empowering girls & women in tech
  • Bridging the skills gap with our world-class, career-oriented IT training programs and empower youth and women through workforce development

VCA Services for International Organizations:

  • We offer project consultancy for digital empowerment projects to support UN SDG 4 , 5 & 8 to train underserved youth, girls and women in rural and urban areas across the globe.
  • We help design and develop curriculum, training and learning materials, trainer’s training and participants training through ourworld-class IT certifications and IT bootcamp programs.
  • We have 32 years of global experience and expertise on design, development and execution of digital literacy, workforce development, career and job readiness, rural skills development, digital entrepreneurship and digital inclusion projects through public-private partnerships, grants and RFPs.
  • We offer special DATA ANALYTICS bootcamp for policymakers, principals and impact trackers.
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Bridging the digital gender divide

Educating, empowering and mentoring girls and women

At Vijay Computer Academy we are bridging the digital gender divide by educating, empowering and mentoring girls and women in careers in IT. With computer technology being such a male dominated field, we are seeking to balance the numbers, by training more girls and women in multiple fields in the IT profession.
We offer several courses for anyone who wants to learn programming, software and other applications in the tech field.

We train girls as young as 9 years old in STEM related courses. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is crucial for girls who want to fill the high demand for IT skills. We provide the tools, the resources and education to equip them with everything they need to land their dream job.

VCA welcome you to partner with us as we train and retrain more girls, women and minorities in IT.

If your organization is ready to make a global impact, contact us today!