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90% of IT skills and jobs are housed outside of the tech sector in the US.

No college degree is required to start a career in tech.

Shortage of tech talent has made reskilling and upskilling training increasingly important.

IT industry offers quick employment, opportunities in every sector, multiple career paths, high salaries.

Digital skills are needed now more than ever

Gender equality remains a major issue in the IT world, and women remain significantly underrepresented compared to the number of male in the sector. As a result, women may lack the motivation to venture into tech.

Also, most women are caught up in family responsibilities, making it harder to get and keep their tech jobs. Moreover, today, it is clear that superior innovation is achieved by having a diverse team where members can challenge each other and bring new perspectives.

High demanded & high paying IT career pathways

One of the challenges of working as a career counselor, employment program staff, or other workforce professional is the amount of information, access to the right kind of resources you need to help people in a variety of circumstances. The most successful counselors, career coaches, workforce development advisors teachers and administrators never stop learning. 

FREE Info Session On High Demanded IT Career Pathways

This info session is created for career counselor, employment program staff, career advisors, workforce officers or other workforce professional to learn more about trending IT career pathways and new collar IT jobs.

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We will be happy to offer in person or online customized IT careers session for your team and clients.

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Customized IT training to reskill & upskill your employees

At VCA we provide customized IT training programs to cater the specific needs of the employees. Moreover, VCA offers IT bootcamps & certifications for the courses that workers need to meet IT skill requirements.

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Partnering for SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FUND grant

VCA is happy to partner with workforce board to offer reskilling and upskilling IT training through SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FUND grant. The Skills Development Fund is Texas’ premier upskilling program. SDF grants provide site-specific, customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and their employees to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. We offer IT bootcamps & certifications for the courses that workers need to meet IT skill requirements.

Resources For You and Your Clients

Help individuals and businesses navigate the opportunities and risks of the modern labor market by:

● Leaning in to digital platforms for labor market information
● Investing in foundational DIGITAL skills for all
● Better aligning technical training to employer needs
● Encouraging post-secondary vocational education
● Promoting the development of more credible tech skills
● Making networking on digital platforms a key career strategy
● Investing in diversity and promoting inclusion

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apprenticeship ambassador

Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs

Vijay Computer Academy is honored to have been selected by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to serve as an Apprenticeship Ambassador. As Apprenticeship Ambassadors, VCA will continue our work to solve the digital skills shortage and diversify the workforce through tech apprenticeships. Sponsor or become our Apprenticeship Partner. Email us at

WIOA Scholarships

Vijay Computer Academy is on the statewide eligible training provider list of TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION. VCA’s Data Analytics, Software Testing, Database Administration, IT Help Desk Bootcamps and Microsoft Office are eligible for WIOA scholarships / grants. 

Internships & Job Search Assistance

The key focus of VCA has been to nurture the pipeline of computing professionals and help to prepare future generations for the ever-changing and dynamic world of computing and information technology.

Our partnership with Stellarworx helps students without college degree to connect with employers. Learn more here

VCA is also a partner with Local Workforce Boards for Summer Earn And Learn (SEAL) programs. Every year we host many remote interns.

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