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Info session on high demand IT skills & career pathway opportunities

One of the challenges of working as a career counselor, employment program staff, or other workforce professional is the amount of information, access to the right kind of resources you need to help people in a variety of circumstances. The most successful counselors, career coaches, workforce development advisors teachers and administrators never stop learning. 

This info session is created for career counselor, employment program staff, career advisors, workforce officers or other workforce professional to learn more about trending IT career pathways and new collar IT jobs.

Partnership Avenues With VCA

VCA's referal for WIOA Scholarships

We will be happy to refer our prospective students interested in applying for WIOA Scholarship to various workforce agencies. We can serve your clients interested in enrolling in our various IT programs.

Become your training provider / vendor

We want to be on your ETP list as Apprenticeship Training Provider.

Connect us with your employer partners for on-job-training [OJT]​

Help and connect your employer clients to nurture the continuous tech talent pipeline supporting on job training for our registered IT apprenticeships.

Customized IT training to reskill & upskill your employees, individual and business clients

We provide customized IT training, reskilling & upskilling programs on basic to advanced digital skills. Specifically, we have created a Data Analytics program for workforce and government offices.

Apprenticeship expansion grants

Should you possess the requisite financial resources, we express our keen interest in serving as your training provider, vendor, and strategic partner to facilitate the effective utilization of your grants for registered IT apprenticeships with desired results. In our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, we are pleased to present customized pre-apprenticeship IT programs designed specifically for key target groups, including women, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and dislocated workers.

Special IT Training Programs for Rural Communities - Reaching the Unreached

We are thrilled to introduce a specialized training program designed to empower individuals and entrepreneurs for work-from-home and remote business opportunities. This comprehensive course focuses on essential skills such as MS Office proficiency, e-commerce expertise, and social media skills. Participants will acquire the knowledge needed to either kickstart their own business ventures / online store or market their skills and expertise effectively. The program aims to cater to individuals in rural areas, providing them with the tools to thrive in the digital landscape. Schedule a partnership meeting to discuss your community / client needs. We invite workforce and veteran agencies to participate in and sponsor this initiative as well.

Become a Basic Digital Skills Vendor

We are delighted to offer Microsoft Office and Mastering Microsoft Office certificate courses for both individual and business clients. Our tailored programs ensure participants gain essential IT skills, enhancing productivity and efficiency in today’s professional environment in different domains and industries. We are keen to become your basic digital skills vendor!

VCA IT Program Advantages

VCA programs are open to individuals aged 16 and above without any bias of gender, race, ethnicity or color.

No degrees, prior IT skills or experience is required to register in our programs. Our programs are open to all with working knowledge of English.

We offer live instructor-led online IT programs in different time zones. We have flexible morning, evening classes.

We provide FREE personalized career consultation, job search assistance & additional career services.

VCA's Services For Your Individual Clients

Registered IT Pre-Apprenticeship & Apprenticeship Programs

We a Registered IT Apprenticeship provider and honored to serve as Apprenticeship Ambassadorunder the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). As Apprenticeship Ambassadors, VCA will continue our work to solve the digital skills shortage and diversify the workforce through tech apprenticeships. 

VCA’s Data Analytics, Software Testing, Database Administration and Cybersecurity are eligible for WIOA scholarships / grants

We work with all the following target groups and help them with job training (pre-apprenticeship IT programs) to prepare for high paying IT careers: Dislocated Workers, Low-Income Adults, Youth (18 and 24), Adults, Individuals with Disabilities, Veterans, Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers, Ex-Offenders, Native Americans and Alaskans.

We also support Choices and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) programs for basic and advanced IT career / job training.

Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals with dissabilities

VCA’s IT courses and IT bootcamps / pre-apprenticeships train and support VR clients for high paying TECH careers, remote jobs and work from home opportunities. They are eligible for WIOA Scholarships. We want to partner as VR training provider / vendor with various workforce agencies.

Youth Services - Be Future Ready!

VCA is interested to work with your agency as WIOA Youth Service provider.

For High School drop outs

Train through IT bootcamps / certificate courses to gain employer desired skills in a short period of time.

Youth IT Apprenticeship

It’s not too early for high school students to start thinking about their future careers and learn how an apprenticeship can serve as a foundation for jumpstarting their careers. Ease the transition from high school to the professional IT world by pre-apprenticeship training and on-job-training in a career area of interest. Your clients can schedule a personalized career consultation to learn more about possible high in demand tech career.

Opportunity Youth

We believe in the transformative power of education and technology. Our commitment is not just to teach IT skills but to empower opportunity youth with the tools they need to create a brighter future. Together, we strive to break down barriers, inspire confidence, and pave the way for success in the ever-evolving world of information technology. We help young individuals who face various challenges that may hinder their access to education, employment, or economic stability. These challenges often include factors such: as living in foster care, lacking financial support, or experiencing homelessness. VCA’s pre-apprenticeship and certification courses train and support opportunity youth and are eligible for WIOA Scholarships.

Job Search Assistance

Vijay Computer Academy partners with Stellarworx to connect STARs to career opportunities. STARs have developed valuable skills through TECH bootcamps, apprenticeships, on the job or other alternative training routes, rather than through a bachelor’s degree. Students and alumni of Vijay Computer Academy get the opportunity to join Stellarworx and match-making with employers.

Internships & Job Search Assistance

The key focus of VCA has been to nurture the pipeline of computing professionals and help to prepare future generations for the ever-changing and dynamic world of computing and information technology.

Our partnership with Stellarworx helps students without college degree to connect with employers. Learn more here

VCA is also a partner with Local Workforce Boards for Summer Earn And Learn (SEAL) programs. We are remote work sight for Work Experience Programs.

VCA's Services For Your Business Clients

Diversify, De-risk and Fast-track your Hiring with IT skilled graduates

To address the prevailing talent shortage in the IT sector, we propose an effective solution through the recruitment of our IT skilled students, apprentices, alumni, graduates, and interns.

By incorporating our IT talented pool of diverse individuals into your employers’ workforce, they will not only bridge the talent gap but also gain access to a dynamic and proficient team capable of contributing significantly to the success of their organization. This collaborative approach not only enriches your employers workforce with diverse skill sets but also fosters growth and innovation within the IT domain.

Reskill & Upskill Your Team With Skills Development Fund Grant support

We are happy to partner with businesses and organizations to offer reskilling and upskilling to their employees through customized IT training under SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FUND grant project.

Your employer clients can schedule a partnership meeting for free training consultancy and receive a training cost estimate.

skills development fund

Partner and support VCA's Women in TECH projects

We are happy to partner with businesses and organizations to offer reskilling and upskilling to their employees through customized IT training under SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FUND grant project.

Your employer clients can schedule a partnership meeting for free training consultancy and receive a training cost estimate.

Resources For Workforce Agencies and Their Clients

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