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Women TECH Trainers' Community

Empowering Women to Thrive in the Digital Age!

TECH needs women trainers & role models

One major constraint on women entering STEM industries is the lack of visible women trainers and role models. Having access to women mentors is incredibly important for the development of young women, especially in male-dominated fields like IT. Women industry voices need to be promoted so that their experiences can become more widely accessible and issues affecting women in the industry can be highlighted.

To hire, train and retain women tech trainers at different skills & experience level across the globe and enable them to offer technology training to young girls and women,

VCA has designed this Women TECH Trainers’ network and thriving community.

Building Bridges for Gender Equality in Technology

Through this project, Vijay Computer Academy wants to make sure that women are represented and have access to work opportunities in TECH industry. We are creating a pool of women IT expert trainers with variety of IT skills & expertiseThis network serves as an IT skills and competency hub, knowledge base and digital resource reservoir.  It will help us create a talent bank for the future.

women in tech

We are offering trainer in residence positions to qualified trainers in different countries across the globe. You will be using VCA’s globally accepted curriculum and training materials to impart IT training on our bootcamps and certification programs. You will receive competitive remuneration for training services.

Benefits to women trainers

  • Engage in professional / financial opportunity 
  • Become a brand ambassador – By joining forces with Vijay Computer Academy, you will get wider access across the globe to empower girls and women.
  • Become mentors – Help build confidence among women learners who may feel hesitant or uncertain about their abilities in the male-dominated tech industry.
  • Help address and challenge gender biases that exist within tech
  • Learn new skills (upskill and reskill yourself through VCA’s world-class IT programs)
  • Provide networking and collaboration opportunities for women trainers – Be part of all our networking events / webinars/ conferences
  • Share knowledge and skills with your peers and other mentors

If you want to help us nurture the next generation of female digital talent, join our expert trainer’s pool!

Do you need to hire women IT trainers?

Are you a business, corporate organization, educational institute, government agency or nonprofit looking for TECH training?

By hiring our women IT trainers, you not only invest in your workforce’s skill development but also foster an inclusive and progressive work environment. Our trainers will deliver customized IT training, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, to upskill and reskill your team with the latest high demanded IT skills.

Join us in revolutionizing the tech industry by harnessing the untapped potential of female talent. Contact us today to explore how our exceptional women IT trainers can contribute to your organization’s growth, unleash creativity, and propel your business towards a more inclusive and prosperous future. Together, let’s build a stronger, more diverse tech ecosystem. 


Get the support of this thriving community!

VCA is dedicated towards achieving sustainable development goals especially pertaining to SDG 4, 5 and 8 defined by United Nations. VCA has been the champion for digital gender equality for last 32 years. We have been working tirelessly to achieve our ambitious goal of training 100,000 girls and women in TECH by 2030.

VCA is a commitment maker with EQUALS and GENERATION EQUALITY FORUM of UN WOMEN to bridge the digital gender divide at the grassroots by educating and empowering girls and women in TECH. Our objective is to enable women become digitally and economically independent.

If you match our missions of bridging the skills gap in tech and training more girls and women in technology careers, you are welcome to join VCA’s community.