Allow us to introduce the Global Women in TECH Scholarship program – a solution aimed at nurturing the next generation of female digital talent! 

Diversity is not just a preaching, but a cultivation. While progress has been made to make the TECH industry more inclusive, there is still much work to be done. 

At Vijay Computer Academy, we are committed to empowering the next generation of women in TECH by providing them with access to high-demand, high-paying IT career paths that benefit from increased diversity. 

However, merely recognizing the need for diversity is not enough. To effect real change, we must support these women in entering and thriving in male-dominated, costly niches where education expenses can be a barrier. 

By providing girls and women with opportunities to pursue education and develop 21st-century IT skills, we can empower them to exercise their voice and leadership in their families, communities, and countries. 

And how to do that? You guessed it: the Global Women in Tech Scholarship! 

1.Who can contribute?

Everyone can help! Whether you’re a big company, a growing startup, an NGO, or an individual with the means to contribute, you have the power to make a difference.

And the benefits are plentiful! Take a peek at only a few of them:

● Achieve diversity, inclusion & equity goals
● Inclusion in a project dedicated to the goals of a UN Women ‘Generation Equality’ recognized commitment maker. It involves playing a critical role in achieving UN 2030 sustainable goals and supporting deserving women in need across the globe.
● Fulfill CSR and sustainability goals
● Get customized IT-skilled female talent as per your organization’s needs
● Savings on high recruitment costs and new employee training costs
● Lower attrition rate
● A diverse workforce, increased productivity, and profitability
● Recognization & Branding
● Contribution to bridging the digital gender divide
● Hire and retain more females with IT skills nurturing a continuous talent pipeline

Partner with Vijay Computer Academy to Empower Girls and Women in TECH

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Who can apply for this scholarship?

We want as many women as possible to feel the positive impact that education can have in their lives. That’s why the scope of criteria for applicants is wide and aims to achieve minorities and underprivileged groups of women, such as: 

  • Underserved and unprivileged women
  • Women of color
  • Accessibility impaired women
  • Moms 
  • Women who want to re-enter the workforce
  • Women who are looking for remote jobs
  • Women career changers (diversify in IT)
  • Women living in underdeveloped, least-developed countries
  • Women refugees and immigrants

And if your company is committed to a specific group, we can also adapt that into your

The sponsorship can have some criteria, such as “we want to sponsor black women” or
we want to sponsor Latino women because that’s who we want to hire eventually“.

It’s an investment that your business is making on itself and that will return it richly!

women belong in computer science

Why is Vijay Computer Academy my best choice to make a real change in the world?

Founded in 1990, VCA is dedicated to achieving sustainable development goals, particularly SDGs 4, 5, and 8 defined by the United Nations.

🎯 We’ve been the champion for digital gender equality for over 31+ years.

🎯 Our ambitious goal is to train 100,000 girls and women in TECH by 2030 – and that’s
how you can see we will need your help in this journey!

We welcome partnerships from for-profit organizations, nonprofits, community-based
organizations, global foundations, UN organizations, business entities, enterprises,
corporations, EQUALS and partners, and private companies with CSR goals pertaining to
SDG 4, 5, 8, or 10.

Available in the program, our IT Bootcamps in data analytics and software testing offer
valuable skill sets to create a continuous talent pipeline. We offer both merit-based and
socio-economic status-based scholarships, ensuring we provide opportunities to a wide
range of deserving women.

It’s our time to work together and bridge the digital skills gap!