Make the Work From Home Economy Work For You

In the past year a record number of workers have made necessary shifts in their workplace environment, expanding the work from home economy. Many of these shifts have occurred as a result of the effects of covid-19 and other personal circumstances. These events have made it more convenient and often imperative to find an occupation that will allow people to work remotely from home. At Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) we have IT training solutions for anyone looking to changes careers and transition from employment in a brick and mortar to working from home.

VCA has IT bootcamps that provide students with the tech skills needed for high paying jobs that give workers the option to work from home. Training is conducted by Live online instructors. We train our students for skills that are high in demand and offer high salaries. If you’re dubious about making the transition to remote work, these are reasons why a tech job could work for you.   

Vijay Computer Academy offers career counseling for the best work from home jobs 

1. You don’t have a four year degree or you’re changing careers and you don’t want to go back to college.

VCA has IT courses that span just 10-16 weeks. Many employers want New Collar workers who are skilled in Data Analytics, Software engineering, Web development and host of other skills that our course offer. Once you’ve completed the courses, you can become certified and be on your way to a high income, which is idea for remote workers.

2. You serve as an at-home caregiver. 

If you have a loved one who needs at-home care? This could be challenging if you work outside the home and or your insurance doesn’t fully cover the cost of a health care professional to come to the home. Working remotely will allow you to care for your loved one while you work from home. You can also handle emergencies immediately.

3. You’re raising your children as a stay-at-home parent

Many kids are learning remotely. You can work remotely, help school and care for your children simultaneously.

4. Cannot return to your previous job due to a workplace injury or illness 

Working remotely as a New Collar tech worker could be the best way to physically accommodate your condition.

5. You have mobility limitations that prevent you from traveling or regularly working onsite

Alleviating the physical stress of traveling to a work location everyday will give you the latitude to do tech work more comfortably. 

The reality is that a significant percentage of the population is working remotely from home or considering it. By learning tech skills through VCA, you can land a high income job with high growth and guaranteed longevity.

For career counseling and details on how to enroll in our IT bootcamps contact Shefali Patel at info@vijaycomputer.comor call 832.500.4136

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