How Vijay Computer Academy can help you to choose the right IT career pathway leading to high paying DREAM IT JOBS

In the post COVID world, THE DIGITAL SKILLS ARE NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER. With more businesses relying on ecommerce to sell goods and services, internet traffic has increased, along with cyber security risks. This has lead to a higher demand for I.T. skilled workers for jobs in the tech field. The demand has posed a challenge for companies to quickly fill these jobs, making it an ideal opportunity for those looking for a new career with higher pay and high growth. But without proper direction from a career counselor, workers may have a difficult time finding the right job for their new career.

As the I.T. field continues to grow, even more people will discover that a career in the tech arena can yield huge salaries, which will eventually make the I.T. field highly competitive. So if you’re considering a tech career, you need a career counselor to help you decide on a career path that includes the best learning curriculum with the I.T. courses that will meet your career goals.

With the right career counselor you’ll save time and money and avoid making common mistakes that many students make. Following a path towards an I.T. career takes time and hard work, but with a career counselor you will learn the skills you need in a short period of time. From there you’ll be on your way to the job that fits your learned I.T. skills within weeks, not years.

Your career counselor will help you choose the right kind of program, with the prerequisite skills you are required to have to lead you to dream career opportunities with workforce demanded skills.

Choosing the best career counselor is imperative to your future in the workforce. So, you must be highly selective. Shefali Patel, founder of Vijay Computer Academy (VCA), is an I.T. career counselor with 30+ years of expertise and global experience of more than 38,000 hours in career advising and mentoring. She has spent years dedicating her professional life to leading people to better careers with higher pay and better prospects for their financial futures.

At, VCA we invest our valuable time to guide our potential students to choose the right career pathway without any charges. We do this by offering free IT Career webinars and personalized career consultation free of cost. These webinars are especially beneficial to the unemployed, laid-off workers looking for a new career, medically challenged, the disabled, work from home moms, and those looking to re-skill and up-skill.

Careers that are in demand in the I.T. field are Database Administrator, Mobile Apps Developer, Web Developer, I.T. Help Desk Technician and Network Administrator.

VCA is partnering with schools and colleges to advise the students on the importance of digital skills and IT Career pathways as per the global workforce demands. Shefali, herself, is a career day speaker to such educational institutions and CAREER GURU, MENTOR. For career counseling and the best guidance toward a successful tech career contact Shefali Patel at or call / WhatsApp – 832.500.4136

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