women in tech apprenticeships

Registered IT Apprenticeships for Women

The tech industry is booming… However, the industry still faces significant talent shortage and gender disparities. The World Bank reports that women make up less than 40% of the global workforce. This severe lack of female diversity is even more pronounced in the tech industry, where women make up just 28% of the workforce. This gender imbalance not only limits the potential of women but also hinders the overall growth and success of the TECH industry.

Addressing the female TECH talent shortage

To help bridge the talent and the gender gap, Vijay Computer Academy has compiled a new program dedicated to women, which offers solutions for immediate impact for employers through skills-based hiring and earn-and-learn apprenticeship models. Registered Apprenticeships are one solution employers should consider, as these programs support the recruitment and retention of women and help create more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible workplaces. Through this program, we will provide eligible women with the necessary technical skills, mentorship, paid on job training, networking opportunities and job search assistance. And that’s where you come in.

Data Analyst (Database Technician)​

Data analytics is a high demanded skill in healthcare, finance marketing, businesses, education, retail, transportation and several other sectors / industries. 

(United States faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical skills).

  • 270 hours of classroom training (28 weeks) – Online live instructor-led training from basic to advanced data analytics skills
  • Paid on-job training
Software Application Developer (Tester)​

As more companies use custom-made software, it is critical that software testing takes place so there are no bugs or defects when the software is launched. 

It is expected that the global Software Testing market size will be more than $90 billion by 2032. 

  • 255 hours of classroom training (27 weeks) – Online live instructor-led training from basic to advanced software testing skills
  • Paid on-job training

Vijay Computer Academy

Vijay Computer Academy is a Registered IT Apprenticeship Provider and Eligible Training Provider in the state of Texas and Oregon. We are experts in helping your company hire, train, and retain IT skilled female workers.

Partnership Benefits

  1. Hire IT skilled female talent as per your organisation needs;
  2. Save on high recruitment and training costs;
  3. Reduce attrition rate;
  4. Play an essential role in creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry;
  5. Support the next generation of data analytics professionals;
  6. Be recognized as a champion of digital gender equality and promotor of diversity and inclusion;
  7. Receive reimbursment of wages paid and state tax credit.

Who can partner with VCA?

  • workforce agencies,
  • apprenticeship intermediaries,
  • businesses, enterprises, corporations, private companies,
  • international organizations,
  • nonprofits,
  • community based organizations,
  • global foundations,
  • UN organizations,

Trainee Target Group

  • ‌Women looking for a new career / diversify in IT
  • Women career changers
  • Women of color
  • Underserved, marginalized, affected by persistent poverty and inequality
  • Women looking for remote jobs
  • Moms
  • Women on a career break ready to re-enter the workforce
  • Women entrepreneurs & business owners

Are you a prospective female apprentice?