Why Do Businesses Need to Upskill ?



There is a growing need for businesses to upskill and reskill their employees in order to emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because of the rapid advancements in technology and the digital impact caused by the covid-19 pandemic, businesses have made dramatic changes in their practices to remain competitive in a tenuous economy. From sending workers home indefinitely to requiring staff to work from home, many businesses were able to remain operational, because they had workers with the IT skills to keep up to speed or they up-skilled and re-skilled employees to meet workforce demands.

Why has upskilling suddenly become so important? Short answer: digital transformation. The digital economy, enabled by astonishing advances in technology, is reimagining the provider-customer dynamic and transforming how goods and services are bought and sold. Upskilling is the process of preparing the workforce to fill these new positions with most needed digital / IT skills.

For businesses that lack the resources to re-skill and up-skill their employees Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) can provide workers with the IT skills that are necessary to help them become qualified to complete the technological tasks that are needed to keep businesses afloat.


At VCA we provide customized IT training programs to cater the specific needs of the businesses. VCA also offers IT bootcamps & certifications for the courses that workers need to meet IT skill requirements. We offer Data Analytics, Software Testing, IT Help Desk and Mobile Apps Development. Courses are offered remotely with Live instructors and only take a few weeks to complete.

VCA Course Catalog


The Benefits of Upskilling and Reskilling in a Post-COVID World

As the world begins to recover from the covid-19 shutdown and businesses are allowed to open their brick and mortars, there will be a continuous utilization of advanced technological tools and applications that conform to more digitized processes. Therefore, companies should consider up-skilling and re-skilling their employees to provide the infrastructure that they need to stay competitive in an unpredictable economy.


By up-skilling and re-skilling businesses will be able to leverage IT skills within the company, giving them the ability to retain employees, create an influx of business and prevent a shutdown of functions when business demands change.

Why Individuals Should Upskill

For individuals who want a larger income and a job with high growth, up-skilling and re-skilling is especially beneficial. Particularly for individuals/workers who are currently unemployed, underemployed, laid-off, planning to re-enter the workforce, looking for remote work opportunities and who have been highly impacted by industries like hospitality, food- restaurants, travel, logistics, beauty/hair/nail salons, oil & gas etc.


VCA offers a way to transition from these high impacted industries to IT careers with high paying jobs. If you’re ready to up-skill or re-skill, contact us today.

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