New Collar Jobs: The Importance of the “Middle-Skilled” Worker

 The economic impact of the coronavirus on businesses created an immediate need to digitally transform or face an unstoppable hemorrhage of profits. The working environment for many employees needed to change to remote working, making technology a major factor for keeping businesses in the black. This sudden shift made it necessary to hire more new collar workers to handle the technological demands of the job and up-skill the current staff, increasing the demand for workers with IT skills.    

What are New Collar Jobs?

So what, exactly, is a new collar job? This position requires a worker to have technical and soft skills to work in the technology field. Most people with these skills have not gone through the traditional channels of education. They have trained specifically for an IT skill to qualify for a position in that particular field within weeks or months of completing a course or certification program.

Normally, new collar workers have not acquired a 4 year college degree. They may have been trained through a community college, vocational training school, IT bootcamp, IT certification program, technical school, an apprenticeship or internship. At VCA we train students in computer technology through IT bootcamps and certification programs. Once they’ve completed the courses, they’ll have the skills to work confidently in their selected field.  

Why are New Collar workers in demand?

As technology advances at a rapid pace, many industries need workers with the digital skills for data analytics, full stack web development, mobile apps development, software engineering, cloud computing, cybersecurity, the list goes on. Many industries, like manufacturing and health care lack a workforce with the skills to execute necessary technological tasks. So, companies, now, have no choice but to re-skill or up-skill employees with IT training. Or they’ll need to hire new workers with technical skills.  

How do New Collar workers contribute to bridge the skills gap and shortage of talent?

New collar workers possess basic knowledge, along with specific technical skills. They exhibit significant potential to hiring managers and have the understanding that they will continually need to develop new abilities. They have exemplary technical aptitude, they show initiative and they demonstrate necessary practical problem solving skills.

Today companies need workers to fill positions that require specific IT skills. At present, there is a shortage of new collar workers with these technical traits. VCA is bridging the skills gap by providing world class IT training through virtual learning with a live instructor. 

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