How VCA Helps Individuals Prepare for In-Demand IT Jobs


Tech jobs are multiplying at an accelerated rate, leaving many companies scrambling to find IT talent to fill positions created during the digital transformation of 2020. Because of the necessity of remote work and technological shifts, the demand has risen at an alarming speed for software engineers, data analysts, app developers, full stack web developers, IT help desk technicians, business analysts and more tech related professionals.


To fill the skills gap VCA provides comprehensive IT courses to equip students with the skills required to meet tech demands, especially for the rapid emergence of jobs that require programmers and analysts.

Students learn in a safe, virtual e-learning environment with Live instructors. Most courses only take a few weeks. Once completed, students are ready to enter the workforce. 


IT Career Pathways


At VCA we start you on a pathway to an IT career through workshops, webinars, bootcamps and certification programs. We begin IT training for students as young as 9 years old, employees who want to re-skill or up-skill, students over 40 and individuals re-entering the workforce after a long break.


We’re bridging the gender divide by encouraging more females to sign up for our courses, even if they’ve had little to no experience in computer technology. For our younger female students, we offer after school coding clubs through Girls Who Code for girls to learn coding through a fun, safe virtual experience.


IT Bootcamps

By signing up for our IT Bootcamps, you’ll have access to courses in Data Analytics,

Software Testing – QA, IT Help Desk and Full stack web development. These courses will provide you with the IT skills that meet the job demands for Data Analysts, Software Engineers, IT Help Desk Technicians and Full stack web developers.  For our Data Analytics you can join one or more modules as a certification course(s).


Certification Programs


With more and more new technologies emerging, many companies want workers who know Python programming. Through VCA’s certification programs our students can learn Excel and Advance Excel, Database Management System, Oracle, Java Programming, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT and Python Programming


Career Counseling and Mentoring

Once you’ve completed our IT Bootcamps and Certification programs, we offer guidance and mentorship on finding and applying for jobs in your field. There are many jobs available locally and abroad; we’ll help you choose the right one for you. We give further assistance through our partnerships with hiring companies.

There’s a shortage of tech skills and companies are feeling the pressure to find workers who are trained and certified. Sign up with VCA to start an IT career with skills that are in high demand and pay high salaries. There are a plenty of jobs. Your ideal position is waiting for you.

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