Here are the high paying , high growth , workforce demanded IT careers

How VCA helps workers who are unemployed and underemployed

The distressing impact of the covid-19 pandemic has left workers in precarious positions of unemployment and underemployment with very few options to fall back on in their respective fields. Many of these workers have been laid off from industries that have been hardest hit by the coronavirus and have been subject to mandatory temporary closings. These industries include hospitality, restaurants, travel, logistics, beauty/hair/nail salons, oil & gas. VCA has helped many of these workers up-skill and re-skill, so they can continue to work in their fields remotely or train to qualify for other job opportunities in IT.

Many businesses may have closed their physical businesses, but some have remained operational by making the digital transitions necessary to continue to function. For workers who were not equipped with the IT skills that were required to perform technological tasks, their employment was stalled and they had no choice but to temporarily or permanently lose their job.

VCA is an IT training institute that offers a multitude of courses for IT skills that are in demand like data analytics, software testers, IT help technicians, mobile app developer, python programmers, MS Office specialists and more. In just a few weeks individuals can be trained with the IT skills to get them certified and on a pathway to a successful career in IT.

How workers can make more money by switching careers  

Many workers who are in low to mid-level jobs have a great opportunity to earn higher wages by switching careers. Because workers with IT skills are in high demand, it’s the perfect time to start training for an IT career. VCA has trained thousands of people in IT, which have lead to high paying jobs for many of our students. By learning the skills that are necessary to qualify for IT jobs, you’ll increase your chances at obtaining a job that offers a competitive salary and has high growth.

VCA trains students for careers in computer programming, management, testing, IT support accounting, website development and host of other IT applications. We can find the best fit for you.

Remote work opportunities

Covid-19 is still prevalent and many businesses have not been able to open up to full capacity, which has made it safer for workers to complete tasks in a remote environment. There are also individuals nationwide who are at risk of contracting the disease, so a remote working position would be ideal for them. These IT jobs are often performed without having to report to an actual physical location.

Below are questions that are usually asked about some IT positions:

What are the best remote work opportunities?
MS-Office specialist, Web developer.SQL Database Developer, Mobile App developer,

Database Testers, Data Scientist, BI Application Developer, UX Designer,

UI Designer, QA Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Software Developer, Data Scientist,

Data Analyst, Research Analyst, Python Developer, Software Engineer, IT Help Desk technician, project manager, Excel and Advance Excel specialist and more.

What businesses have been most impacted by the covid-19 pandemic?

Hospitality, restaurants, travel, logistics, beauty/hair/nail salons, oil & gas. 

What jobs are available for laid off workers during the covid-19 pandemic?

Web developers, full-stack developers, mobile app developers, IT Help Desk technicians and MS-Office specialists.

What IT skills are in high demand?
Cloud computing, data analytics, full-stack development, UI/UX.  

How long does it take to complete the average IT course?
VCA has IT bootcamps and IT certification programs that only take weeks to complete.

Can I take your IT courses remotely?
Yes. VCA offers IT courses through remote learning. Each course is taught by a live instructor.

Do you use Zoom for your remote IT courses?
Yes. VCA uses Zoom and we also offer a course to help parents and teachers navigating the challenges of using the software.


VCA offers a way to transition from these high impacted industries to IT careers with high paying jobs. If you’re ready to up-skill or re-skill, contact us today. 

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