Vijay Computer Academy partners with International organizations to offer IT training to girls and women globally to mitigate the impact of COVID19

Covid-19 has undoubtedly created an economic shock that has reverberated around the world, causing financial stress and failing health to millions of households. The fallout has been especially detrimental to women who comprise the majority of the jobs in frontline and essential jobs. Because their jobs require them to interact with the public, they’re more vulnerable to coronavirus exposure, unlike women with careers in IT, who minimize the likelihood of contracting the disease by working remotely.

At Vijay Computer Academywe partner with international organizations to offer IT training to girls and women. These partnerships give us the opportunity to help mitigate the global impact of COVID-19 with solutions that allow women to learn a technological skill that’s in high demand in the workforce. With this shift in occupation and career choice girls and women will have better earning power, a safer work environment and a more secure financial future.

Since Vijay Computer Academy opened its door 30 years ago, we’ve trained over 30,000 people with 60% of our students being girls and women. During the COVID-19 pandemic we offered free training to 900 plus people through remote instruction with LIVE instructors. We provide IT bootcamps, IT certifications and webinars that can all be accessed online, which makes it an easy process for global students. 

Bridging the digital gender divide, educating, empowering and mentoring girls and women

 The lack of internet access for people globally has reached the billions, with women being much less likely to use high-speed internet than men. The numbers are equally distressing for the IT community where women only make up about 25%. At Vijay Computer Academywe are bridging this digital gender divide by educating, empowering and mentoring girls and women in careers in IT. 

With computer technology being such a male dominated field, we are seeking to balance the numbers, by training more girls and women in multiple fields in the IT profession.

We offer several courses for anyone who wants to learn programming, software and other applications in the tech field.


Partner with Vijay Computer Academy to train, retrain more women in IT to fulfill diversity, inclusion and sustainability goals (SDG # 4 , 5 , 8)

At Vijay Computer Academy, we welcome you to partner with us as we train and retrain more women and minorities in IT. These efforts will fulfill the diversity and inclusion goals that help us to meet 3 of the 17 sustainability development goals (SDG) that the United Nations has set to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

These are the following SDGs that Vijay Computer Academy fulfills through our Digital / IT training & project consultancy:

SDG#4 – Quality Education: We provide quality education through out IT training programs. Student can become IT certified and meet the requirements that they’ll need to acquire gainful employment in high salaried jobs in computer technology. 

SDG#5 – Gender Equality  At Vijay Computer Academy we’re closing the gender gap in IT. We’ve trained over 30,000 students with 60% of them being female. We aim to train more girls and women in IT through partnerships with businesses and organizations.

SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth– Through our IT training programs we are able to provide IT certifications for students to help them qualify for jobs in IT. We also partner with businesses to hire our students for employment or internships, once they’ve become IT certified.

STEM for girls, preparing pipeline of next generation of female talent

At Vijay Computer Academywe train girls as young as 9 years old in STEM related courses. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is crucial for girls who want to fill the high demand for IT skills. We provide the tools, the resources and education to equip them with everything they need to land their dream job. We offer a wide range of courses that cover all aspects of STEM. If your child is interested in learning more about STEM contact us today.

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