Choosing a Vocational IT Career as an Alternative to a College Degree

The current generation of young people numbering 1.8 billion – is one-quarter of the world’s population1 and a dominant force now and in the decades to come. However, investments in quality wage and self employment fall short of young people’s aspirations, leaving a growing pool of young jobseekers with an insufficient number of decent jobs. Many education systems are struggling to prepare young people with skills which meet employer’s expectations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and related global recession have further exacerbated the socio-economic challenges facing youth, which put at risk many of the gains made in recent years to advance young people’s opportunities.

For aspiring college graduate the purpose of attending a college or university is to complete at least 4 years of education to achieve a degree, which will qualify the graduate for a high paying job in the future. Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) gives students a short cut to a large salaried IT career in a much shorter period of time.  

Choosing VCA to learn a vocational IT skill helps students bypass the pressure of college acceptance, astronomical tuition payments and the lengthy amount of time it takes to acquire an education to enter the workforce. VCA provides IT career pathways with highly demanded IT skills that lead to high paying IT dream jobs. These jobs pay as much and sometimes more than the jobs that college degrees garner once students pass the required courses.

VCA offers the best alternative to college through IT bootcamps and IT certification programs. VCA introduces various IT career options to students that don’t require prerequisites to begin the courses. Students can focus on one IT vocation, complete the courses to qualify for certification and immediately apply for a high paying job.


By getting trained in a vocational IT career through VCA, students are not burdened with the elective courses that colleges require in order to graduate. VCA students can strictly concentrate on the required courses they need to complete for the field they want to enter.

Within a few weeks they’ll be ready to start working as a highly paid worker instead of enduring 4 years of classes before they’re prepared to get a job.


VCA offers courses like Data Analytics, Software Testing – QA, IT Help Desk, Power BI, Excel and Advance Excel, Python Programming, Database Management System, SQL, Oracle, MS Office, BA – Business Analyst, Agile & Scrum, Java Programming and Cloud Computing. 

To circumvent the coronavirus VCA’s bootcamps, workshops and IT certification programs are taught through remote learning with LIVE instructors. Students can learn from a safe distance and prepare to enter the workforce with a job that will allow them to continue to work from home or from a remote location.

VCA’s vocational IT training courses are ideal for people who want to reskill or upskill in a short span of time.  

If you’re ready to start making a high paying income in a vocational IT career in much less time than it would take to acquire a college degree, contact us today! or call 832.500.4136 

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