How Vijay Computer Academy trains MOMS for remote IT NEW COLLAR jobs

For many mothers re-entering the workforce after a break can create various challenges with childcare and other personal responsibilities. These obstacles have often been the deciding factors for the initial break from the workforce. The reality is that mothers have been voluntarily leaving corporate America because of the on-site work requirements. Without the option to work for home, some mothers find that it’s more feasible to resign and stay home with their children, which makes a remote IT NEW COLLAR JOB an appealing reason to get back to work. 


VCA is training MOMs with IT skills that will allow them to work remotely and handle their parenting obligations with greater ease. By becoming employed again in a NEW COLLAR position provides convenience and job stability. IT skills are high in demand, offer high pay and high growth. A mother can enjoy a career that will always need workers and gives them the latitude they need as a parent to balance family and work.


When mothers join our IT bootcamps, they’re able to study remotely through Live instructor led training. We cover a multitude of courses for web development, programming, database administration software development and data analytics.

These courses will allow them to acquire the skills that will lead them to a career that gives them the flexibility to care for their children, save on the costs of daycare, save time and money by avoiding long commutes. They’ll be able to set their own schedules at times. If they need to juggle their time, so they can work in the evening after putting their children to bed, they’ll be able to do so without interfering with their productivity.


1. Career Counseling – VCA helps students choose the best tech field to enter.

2. Career Pathways – VCA helps develop plan to lead you to your dream job. ‘

3. IT training – VCA has world class training for IT skills high in demand.

4. Help finding new collar jobs – VCA assists with finding jobs through staffing partnerships

5. Help finding remote jobs – VCA has resources to locate remote jobs in your field.
6. Mentoring – VCA offers guidance through training to job search.
7. Community support – VCA connects students with other Moms in the IT field.

8. Scholarships – VCA has partnerships with companies that financially support students.

9. Job search assistance – VCA offers help with tools to make the job search easier.


By training with VCA mothers are taking on new skills to develop remote work opportunities for themselves. IT skills are high in demand, so mothers have NEW COLLAR JOBS in the IT field often provide workers the choice to work from home or on site. For mothers tech jobs are ideal for their lifestyle and their finances. They have more control over their home life and the care of their children.

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