How to change careers after 40?


Pursuing a new career after the age of forty may be daunting, especially if you are not sure what you want to do. You want a lucrative career, but you also want a job that’s fulfilling and offers potential growth. So, what’s stopping you? Your age? Many people over the age of 40 believe that most jobs will be easily acquired by their younger counterparts, even if they, themselves, are just as qualified. 

The truth is younger workers face some distinct challenges that more mature workers are not often confronted with; inexperience, lack of skills and a lack of a network who can recommend them based on their character and work ethic. 

Of course there are negative societal attitudes toward aging, but some employers are apprehensive about hiring workers who are so young that they may lack the maturity to complete specific tasks.


Older career changers have work experience, they have more resources and they have an expanded network. They’re also more resilient. They’ve had to bounce back from possible rejections, layoffs, downsizing, decisions to quit and a host of other scenarios that younger workers have yet to experience.


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