How the Covid-19 Crisis has Created More of a Demand for IT Skills 

The Covid-19 crisis has had a brutal impact on the employment of millions of Americans. The economic effects have been catastrophe, with most people having had a direct or indirect economic decline. They’ve either lost their job, know someone who has lost their job or have suffered some financial loss or loss in resources because of the pandemic. Many industries like restaurants, travel, hair salons and retail stores have especially been hit. A significant amount of companies have had to furlough their workers because there was no infrastructure in place to employ them in a remote position. This situation created more of a demand for IT skilled workers, who can work from home and help businesses convert their operations to more online transactions.


Vijay Computer Academy has been able to help fill the unemployment gap by training people for new careers in IT. We offer bootcamps and IT certification programs to people who are looking for a new career or want to diversify their career as a result of sudden job loss, which may have been caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The courses that we provide give people the opportunity to get training in the perfect IT skills to help them acquire a high paying job in computer technology. It not only increases their income, but it helps people to cope with the new normal of working remotely.

As unemployment claims continue to reach staggering heights, many companies have found a pressing need to hire skilled IT workers to help them to accommodate social distancing in a world that now needs to provide flexibility with their employees to work from home. There’s a necessity to provide goods and services through online channels if a business wants to stay functional, but without IT specialists, a businesses won’t be able to make the adjustment.


Many businesses have managed to survive the Covid-19 crisis by hiring coding specialists with skills in website development, mobile app development, IT help desk, data analyst and software testing. These computer specialists have helped brick and mortars transition to e-commerce businesses with the IT skills that we train for at Vijay Computer Academy. Our bootcamps cover courses that are necessary to learn the coding and software that IT career specialists need to get hired by businesses that are struggling to adapt to the negative impact of the coronavirus.  

Our IT certification programs include MS OFFICE certification, Office automation bootcamp, Python programming, HTML  ,CSS , JAVA SCRIPT, Java programming,

Database with MYSQL, ORACLE, Advanced Excel, Power BI and Unix, Linux and Shell scripting. By getting IT certified at Vijay Computer Academy you’ll show employers that you’ve taken the necessary testing to prove that you are qualified to be hired in the IT position you’ve applied for. You’ll increase your earning potential dramatically and give yourself more career options.


If you’re thinking about a new IT career Vijay Computer Academy offers personalized career counseling, small group training and career services to help you have a dream IT career. Here are some common questions that people have about IT training during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Where can I find a job as a data analyst?

Data analysts can be found in industries that conduct market research, hospitals, food franchises, retail stores, manufacturing and finance. Data analysts collect data and identify trends to help companies improve production, reduce costs and determine pricing for goods and services. Requirements include programming, a high level of aptitude for math, accuracy and problem solving skills. At Vijay Computer Academywe offer bootcamps that train students to learn the necessary skills to become data analysts.


How much do software testers make?

Some software testers make $63,000 a year and up. They conduct procedures to establish the quality of the software program. You can learn software testing at our bootcamps through Vijay Computer Academy, where you’ll get an incredible online course with a live instructor.

What does an IT Helpdesk specialist do?


An IT helpdesk specialist provides technical support to those who need to solve technology related problems. Many times it involves addressing computer issues for individuals and organizations. If you’re interested in this well paying IT career, Vijay Computer Academy can train you or your employees through our bootcamp.

What is full stack web development?

Full stack web development involves becoming an expert in the front-end and back-end development of a website. A full stack developer understands the front-end and back-end languages of a website, which makes them qualified to build an entire website. They also understand server related issues, hosting and networking.


Industries like aerospace, hospitals, insurance and hosting companies employ full stack web developers. Vijay Computer Academy can train you to become a full stack developer if you sign up for our bootcamp. Start getting your training today.

How can I learn Mobile App Development?

You can learn Mobile App Development through Vijay Computer Academy’s bootcamp. Students learn how to create, test and program apps for various computer and mobile devices.


Why should I get IT certified?


An IT certification confirms that you have had the necessary training and have taken the necessary exams to provide proof that you’ve reached a level of expertise in a particular IT field. You become more marketable with your earning potential exceeding $100,000 a year.


At Vijay Computer Academy we have IT certification programs with courses in Data Analytics, Software Testing, It Help Desk, Full Stack Web Development, Mobile Apps Development and IT certification programs with courses in PowerBI, Unix and Shell scripting, Linux, Database management system, SQL, Java programming, MS OFFICE.


If you’re ready for a new career in IT that will pay you a high salary and give you more marketable skills in a Covid-19 world that needs more IT specialists, contact us to find out how you can sign up for our bootcamps and IT certification programs. Contact on or call 832.500.4136


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