Why Reskilling and Upskilling Is Needed and How Vijay Computer Academy Can Help

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic the lack of skilled I.T. workers has left many businesses and individuals struggling to adapt to a world where the need for social distancing has meant the temporary closings of businesses, massive reductions in sales and the end of a paycheck for workers furloughed from non-essential businesses. 

For businesses to adjust to the abrupt and devastating change that the impact of the covid-19 virus has caused, it’s imperative for companies to have workers that are trained in various I.T. fields to function in online environment. In fact, the demand is so high for IT skilled workers that without their specialized abilities most businesses could not continue to operate. And without skilled employees who are have programming and software training, some businesses could be looking at shutting their doors for good.  This is why re-skilling and up-skilling workers in I.T. is a necessity in 2020.

So, how can your business or your employer prepare for the technological shift required to professionally and financially survive the coronavirus? Vijay Computer Academyoffers the I.T. training that is necessary to equip employees with the technical skills they need to remotely perform advanced technological tasks, while avoiding the chance of being in close proximity to the public. 


IT certification courses: MS-OFFICE , PYTHON , JAVA , POWER-BI , ADVANCED EXCEL and many more

Our training gives students the opportunity to learn the programming languages and software that businesses are currently using to transform their systems to more online processing, when traditional processing has been suspended. With so many more consumers using online systems to buy goods and services during the pandemic, I.T. skilled employees must be able to manage a company’s website, maintain and trouble-shoot e-commerce capabilities, create mobile apps, use icloud storage , IT helpdesk and execute other technical tasks that a business needs to meet commercial demand. 
At Vijay Computer Academywe do not believe that one-size-fits-all. Although, we offer I.T. bootcamps and I.T. certifications in specific courses, we also offer customized IT programs for businesses and organizations. 

For businesses with employees who already have a unique set of I.T. skills in their repertoire, there may still be a tremendous I.T. skills gap that needs to be filled while programming and software application becomes more complex. With today’s ever evolving technological advances, employees need re-skilling and upskilling more than ever. 

When businesses and employees make a professional investment in I.T. training, businesses can cut costs in the long run and employees will be more productive. As the world fights a relentless pandemic, you can make it a win-win for everyone. Do take the first step and schedule your I.T. training today!

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