How VIJAY COMPUTER ACADEMY (VCA) is Helping Businesses, Non-Profits and Government Agencies with I.T. Training for Necessary Digital Transformation

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has forced society to conform to an uncomfortable new normal of social distancing, online ordering, elearning and telehealth appointments, an immeasurable strain has been put on businesses and government agencies to digitally transform immediately just to remain operational. This pressure has required establishments to re-skill and up-skill employees with the IT skills that are needed to adjust to a rapidly changing technological world, where IT jobs are in now in even higher demand.

At VCA we train businesses, nonprofits and government agencies in various courses to equip employees with the current and necessary computer technology skills for their working needs.

We also understand that the demand for tech skills will continue to increase as organizations depend on technology to compete in the brutal global economy. VCA is empowering community organizations and faith-based organizations with digital skills, so they can better utilize the tech resources that they have access to. They’ll be more successful and thrive in an environment that has been disrupted by the unavoidable effects of a global pandemic.

For recovering communities and societies that are technologically disconnected, VCA provides sustainability projects to help digitally enable them with computer training to give them more options for financial independence. Now, more and more communities without electricity are being powered with solar energy, giving them the ability to learn on computers donated by organizations who want to technologically empower these rural societies.

Check out this presentation to learn how VCA can offer customized training and project services as per your organization needs and partnering benefits.

VCA has recognized the high demand for vocational skills like web development, mobile apps development, computer networking, graphic design, computer programming, data analysis, virtual assistance , IT helpdesk and accounting. We can train people for these occupations within a relatively short period of time, so they’re ready for the workforce with the ability to earn a significant wage.

Starting from individual career consultation to training and career services VCA can individualize the success journey to a new career in IT. If you want to diversify your career or re-enter the job market after a break VCA is for you.  JOIN VIJAY FOR VIJAY (VICTORY)!

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