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In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about social responsibility and how your company can be a part of a social supporting movement, enriching the experience for your clients and partners.

The world we live in is thinking more and more about roles, and how every person and company has a duty to help others and the planet, ethically, financially, etc.

Continue reading to understand what is social responsibility, its benefits, and how you can apply it in your business.

What is social responsibility?

According to Akhilesh Ganti on Investopedia, “social responsibility means that businesses, in addition to maximizing shareholder value, must act in a manner that benefits society.”

He also says that social responsibility has become increasingly important to investors and consumers who seek investments that are not just profitable, but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment.

That trend comes from client’s desires to be more conscious of where they spend their money, making sure that companies are acting right, and also giving back to society.

Especially for the youngest generations, this seal of approval from ethics is becoming a deciding factor for their buyings, and we as business owners need to recognize that and adapt ourselves to fulfill this need.

What are the benefits of social responsibility?

Now that you know what social responsibility means and how important it is for your company’s development, we are ready to tell you that there are good parts to practicing social responsibility as well!

Business is about perception and how people see you and the impact you make in the world. 

When you choose to do/support good things, this perception of your companies raises in people’s eyes and you have a better positioning in the market.

This is translated on some benefits, like:

  • Better public image: as we said earlier, business is about perception and how we appear to the world. With good social responsibility, you highlight your business proposal and spread your word into society, while supporting a good cause!

  • Stronger brand awareness/recognition: when you position your business as a conscious company, you put out a strong image to people, which will lead to a better brand awareness

  • The advantage over competitors: since we know that customers prefer businesses that have social awareness, putting that into action in your company gives you a headstart over your competitors. That’s another advantage when selling your products/services, and it’s one more feature to convince buyers

  • Higher customer engagement: if you show your company is engaged and caring about different causes, this motivates a more engaging behavior in your customers. Especially if you bet on a cause they believe in, this will make them more prone to interact with you on social media and other channels.

  • Higher employee engagement: being a socially engaged company also increases the employee marketing side of your business. Being a responsible business gives a sense of purpose for your employees, that feel more motivated to work for a company that actively serves others. And of course, higher engaged employees means more productivity and profit for your business, so it’s a win-win situation!

How can my business have social responsibility?

Now that you’re clear on the benefits of adopting the social side in your company, it’s time for us to show you how to do it!

Fortunately, Vijay Computer Academy has a scholarship program that is perfect for businesses that feel like investing in social causes.

In our 30 years of business, VCA worked hard to achieve our mission: bridge the gender/skill gap in the IT market, providing quality education and jobs for men and women.

We trained over 30,000 students in our schools, but we felt like we needed to extend our reach to people who couldn’t pay for their education at the moment, especially girls and women.

To make this project happen, we joined forces with companies worldwide and created a scholarship program for VCA training.

The system is simple: companies choose how many scholarships they want to provide, and we connect the people who need it to our training and programs, providing it all free for them!

That was the way we found to ensure helping everyone we could while keeping our business sustainable.

The best part? Your company can be one of these helpers! 

In exchange for sponsoring these scholarships, you get benefits from VCA like workshops and propaganda for your business, where we share your handles, logo, and history.

To know more about prices and how you can contribute, just click on this link and schedule your call!

Want to know more about VCA’s social responsibility?

With our 30 years of experience, we did many social projects, following UN SDGs 4, 5, and 8, which talk about quality education, gender equality, and quality jobs.

To know more about what we made in these social projects, make sure to follow us in our social media channels! 

This way, you can follow our work and be on the watch out for our opportunities.

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