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In this article, we’re going to tell you all about software testing, its definition, what it requires, and most importantly: where you can learn it all.

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What’s software testing?

Software Testing is defined as an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the software system is defect-free. 

It involves the execution of a software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest. 

Software Testing also helps to identify errors,  gaps, or missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements. 

On the technology side, the testing can be either done manually or using automated tools

Why software testing?

The reason that software testing is becoming a high-demand skill by the day is simple: more and more companies in the world are using software to help them run their business, and no one wants to face inconvenient bugs daily

Softwares became a foundation for so many online activities, and they are everywhere, if you stop to see it.

Microsoft Windows, for example, is a software (the most used in the world). 

Without, people with notebooks can’t use them, since it’s a basic function (except for Macbooks, that use Safari)

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others are also softwares.

The increased usage of these tools demands someone to overview them and guarantee they’re running smoothly, and that’s where the software testing skills come in

Career pathways for software testing

Inside the career opportunities reserved in the software testing niches, there are a few who has the best chance to be wanted in companies

  • QA Analyst/SoftwareTester

  • Software Test Engineer

  • QA Team Coordinator

  • Test Manager

According to PayScale, the average salary range of a software tester is U$56,448 per year (around 4k dollars per month!)

Meanwhile, the average salary range for a software test engineer is U$80,119 per year!

It’s definitely good money, right?

And that’s only an estimative, considering that you can make even more depending on the company you join!

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What do you need to learn about software testing to become a professional?

Now that you know how good the job is, you’re probably wondering what skills you need to learn to be qualified for the position

The answer to this question may differ from one school to another, but here at Vijay Computer Academy, we have a comprehensive outline for our Software Testing Boot Camp.

That’s mostly because we don’t require any previous skills or IT knowledge from our students. Anyone can start studying with us, and they will learn everything from scratch!

Here’s how our structure goes:

Foundation level:

  • Computer Fundamentals & Programming Techniques

  • Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming

Beginner’s level:

  • Database Concepts

  • HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript

  • Core/JAVA

  • Importance of Software Engineering

  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Advanced level

  • Automation Testing (Selenium)

You can also take a look at our course outline below:

How long does a software testing course take?

Our Software Testing Boot Camp lasts from 14-20 weeks, depending on which model you decide to take it.

On the full-time program, you get it all done in 14 weeks, leaving you completely ready to jumpstart in your new career.

But if you have time restrictions, you can take our half-time program, and finish the boot camp in 20 weeks!

The knowledge passed in the modules is the same for both programs; the only difference is the timeline.

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How do I sign up for the Software Testing Boot Camp?

Now that you learned about software testing and all its benefits + discovered VCA’s course, I’m sure you’re curious about how you can sign up for it!

We truly believe in easy/modern learning, so to take part in one of our courses all you need to do is:

1. Schedule a personalized career consultation

2. Get all the information/flyer for the certification/Bootcamp interested

3. Fill out the enrollment form

4. Pay the tuition

5. Start your learning!

As simple as that.

To schedule your personalized career consultation, you can just click it here!

The learning awaits for you, and so do we.

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Plus: why choose Vijay Computer Academy for my software testing boot camp?

In case you’re new around here and are still thinking about why to choose our academy to learn, we highlighted 5 reasons why you can trust VCA for your studies.

Here are they:

  • Highly experienced IT expert trainers, with 10 to 40 years of industry experience

  • Small group training with personalized career consultation and job search assistance

  • Quality IT training with a strong foundation at highly competitive tuition

  • Flexible weekdays – weekend, online, and on-campus schedule

  • Live Projects, Internship, and Returnship opportunities

  • Strong alumni support with resources for latest career/job, work from home and remote work opportunities/community outreach,

  • Free workshops & conferences participation, networking opportunities

  • A for-profit organization that fights to bridge the skill and gender gap, taking social impact in credit every time

And these are just some of the reasons!

Choose to learn from the best, choose to learn from us!

We are very thrilled and proud to announce that Vijay Computer academy is a Registered IT Apprenticeship Program by DOL now. This is an extension and expansion of our missions of bridging the skills gap and workforce development and empowering underserved communities through our world class IT education and training programs for last 30+ years.

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