In a survey conducted by Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services, nearly 97% of business owners reported that they had adopted analytics in their company. 

Leading-edge companies in every industry are using data analytics to replace intuition and guesswork in their decision-making. As a result, managers are collecting and analyzing enormous data sets to discover new patterns and insights and running controlled experiments to test hypotheses. The challenge is to understand how data analytics can help your business and begin to address any issues you believe are most important to short- and long-term success.

So how can data analytics help your daily business?

Enables Personalization 

The primary goal that most organizations aim to achieve through big data analytics is to enhance the customer experience. Data analytics offers a roadmap on the kinds of marketing messages that can be conveyed to prospective consumers to nurture them.

Better Customer Targeting

Finding the right tools to examine your customer’s buying and Internet browsing habits and implementing them to provide reliable and actionable intelligence can activate buyer instincts and embed your brand into customers’ minds.

Streamline Operations

Organizations can improve operational efficiency through data analytics. Gathering and analyzing data about the supply chain can show where production delays or bottlenecks originate and help predict where future problems may arise. If a demand forecast shows that a specific vendor won’t be able to handle the volume required for the holiday season, an enterprise could supplement or replace this vendor to avoid production delays.

Faster Decision-Making Process

The tools used for conducting analysis allow users to work with data without indulging much in complicated technical steps. This not only saves time but also enables organizations to make better and faster decisions. 


Marketing & Customer Reach

The measurements of data coming from social media platforms, has revolutionized marketing efforts. Companies now have the possibility to understand their audience better, and as a result, they can use more successful marketing strategies. Data analyst are using analytics tools to decipher and reveal many insights about a business’ potential and existing customer base. This data is a goldmine from a marketing perspective.


Planning Ahead

Using analytical tools to decipher the raw data your company produces can help pinpoint and correct areas of inefficiency as well as provide many risk managements options — creating ample opportunity to plan for a company’s growth. Forecasting the operational capabilities allows for a more agile company who can more advantageously manage financial risks. A business can now take larger financial risks with more confidence, all while having the flexibility to adjust to the consequences of said risks — which can be assessed through analytics. With this flexibility and potential to take bigger financial risks, or know when the risk is not worth taking, comes substantial business growth.

Jobs involving working with data are mostly in the tech side, however, data analysts are not necessarily required to have advanced knowledge of math and statistics, or to be computer scientists. Data analysts are comfortable using tech to do the job, and they can learn new skills as needed.

Luckily, learning the right skills in a good institute makes it easy, and you’ll be able to successfully switch careers in short period of time.

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