Let Vijay Computer Academy Give You the I.T. Skills to Get the Job You Want!

Embarking on a computer technology career presents an abundance of fast growing opportunities in the computer science field leading to high paying jobs with high growth and longevity in Texas. Some of the best careers to pursue involve software development, computer networks, web development, data analytics and much more. Having these skills will place you in high demand with employers who need NEW COLLAR WORKERS. In fact, the computer technology field is expected to employ 290,000 in Texas by 2026. 

Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) provides I.T. training in the MOST HIGHLY DEMANDED computer skills in the workforce, along with personalised career counselling. We give you ALL of the tools and resources to get the best jobs. Our I.T. Bootcamps and I.T. Certifications are packed with courses that NEW COLLAR WORKERS must master to be considered for the multitude of TOP paying jobs available now. 

Why you should consider a career in Information and

Computer Technology

Many people are switching their current careers in 2021. Several of these transitions have happened as a direct response to nonessential work that has been temporarily put on hold, due to covid-19 restrictions. Hordes of businesses have permanently closed leaving workers with no choice but to switch careers or remain unemployed. 

A tech career may not be the first choice for those in career transition, but it’s worth exploration if you’re ready to MAKE MORE MONEY and delve into a field that offers exponential growth and advancement. You’ll also be a part of an industry where an employer faces a slim probability of being forced to shut down if another pandemic occurs. So, job security is a HUGE ADVANTAGE in the computer technology arena. 


For those who have reservations about entering the tech field and aren’t sure if a tech career is for them, you most definitely should consider a career in the Information and Computer Technology industry if: 

  • You’re always fixing software and hardware problems on computers. 

  • You’ve developed an interest in programming and are connected to anything involving coding. 

  • You’re interested in website development and developing mobile apps. 

  • You stay informed of tech news.

If you’ve heard that tech careers pay top dollar in Texas, you’re right! By entering the tech field you can expect to make on average between $40,000 to over $100,000 a year, especially in website development, software development and analytics. Let VCA prepare you for these INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITIES through our robust I.T. training programs. 

To enroll in our IT Bootcamps and IT certification programs contact Shefali Patel at info@vijaycomputer.com or call 832-500-4136.

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