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Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) is proud to celebrate 30 years of providing world class IT training to individuals, businesses, corporations and organizations. To commemorate our anniversary VCA has slashed prices on our digital training courses with a 66% discount for students who are interested in the tech field, NEW COLLAR CAREERS and want an IT education from the best experts in computer technology. 


From scratch VCA began as a small computer class and transformed into a global institute of tech education. Since being founded in Vadodara, Gujarat, Indiaby Shefali Kapoor Patel, VCA has trained 30,000 boys, young men, girls and women, with 60% being female, showing a continued effort to bridge the gender gap in the IT industry. We’re on course to train 100,000 women in tech by 2030 and are always open to forming partnerships to help support our mission.

From its inception in 1990 VCA has worked with several countries to expand training programs for women and girls’ empowerment. To build on this initiative Shefali Kapoor Patel, the primary source behind VCA, opened a Houston campus for students in conjunction with live instructor led online training and partnered with businesses to offer women in tech scholarships.

This campus opened in 2019 and continues to empower youth, girls, women and individuals from 9 – 90 years old, a demographic that VCA has serviced for the last 30 years.

VCA services various clients; individuals, businesses, corporations and has growing partnerships with educational institutions, non-profits and international organizations. By partnering, over 9000 employees and over 4500 underprivileged youth from rural areas have been trained.


Through our individual services and burgeoning partnerships we give our students the training they need to obtain NEW COLLAR JOBS and transition into ALTERNATIVE and vocational careers that offer work from home opportunities.


By signing up for our IT Bootcamps and IT certification programs students gain access to a world-class IT education and training for real world employer demands. Students are provided with career counseling, mentoring, instructor led online personalized training, job search assistance and entrepreneurship assistance.

Thank you 30,000 VCA alumni for making VCA a trusted global brand for world class IT training. Our anniversary discount will help us to empower more people, especially women, with aspirations of becoming an IT career professional. 


We welcome your continued support as we help more people on there VIJAY VATRA – Journey to Victory! 

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