Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in IT Training with a proven record in creating workforce opportunities.


VCA reached a major milestone last week; on December 9thVCA celebrated three decades of providing IT training for 30,000 individuals across the globe.

From the classroom to remote learning VCA has a proven record of 30 years of excellence in creating workforce opportunities through world-class IT education and training.


To acknowledge our 30th Anniversary, VCA is offering a 66% discount on our IT Bootcamps and IT Certification programs.

So, how has VCA educated and empowered so many students, and continues to do so, with the skills that are needed to work in NEW COLLAR JOBS for real world employers?

When we look back on our VIJAY YATRA (Victory Journey) in the last 30 years, we can proudly say that we have trained 30,000 individuals with the vital skills they need to ensure a successful IT career through our career and workforce oriented IT education and training. By empowering these students we have not only helped them to achieve a successful career, we have given them the resources and tools that have ultimately allowed them to provide more support for their families. 

Our IT bootcamps and IT certification programs are ideal for individuals looking for a new career, those who want to diversify in IT, unemployed, underemployed, people who are re-entering the workforce and those who are looking for work from home opportunities.

VCA provides training on campus and through LIVE instructor led online training. Our courses are taught by experts in IT education and we offer the best options for IT training:

1. We train for NEW COLLAR JOBS

2. Our classes last just 10 to 16 weeks

3. We provide career 

4. We provide personalized training for small groups

5. We provide resources for internships

6. We offer job search assistance

7. We have hiring partners

Celebrate 30 years with us and celebrate you! Now is the time to give yourself the best holiday gift of IT training with VCA. By doing so, you can start 2021 with a new job and a career path that will continue to offer high growth. 

For details on how to enroll in our IT bootcamps contact Shefali Patel at info@vijaycomputer.comor call / WhatsApp:+1.832.500.4136

Enroll today and receive a huge discount on all of our courses.

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