Vijay Computer Academy Wants YOU to Succeed Through our BRAND AMBASSADOR Program! 

Over the past 30 years Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) has established itself as a world class brand and leader in global I.T. training. With over 30,000 students trained and a decades’ long history of developing strategic partnerships, we’re breaking in 2021 with more innovative ways to build more INCREDIBLE I.T. careers and increase brand awareness. VCA is now cultivating new relationships of mutual support through Brand Ambassadors. 

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By becoming a Brand Ambassador you’ll fulfill your aspirations of nabbing a DREAM career, get FREE Swag, join cool virtual events and enjoy HUGE discounts on Top Tier I.T. courses. Help us to spread the word through social media, blogs, your local community, word of mouth and watch the rewards roll in.  

If you can imagine being a part of a movement that allows you to use your digital voice to enhance a reputable brand, you’ll get TONS of Perks and Benefits along the way. VCA is inviting high-schoolers, college students, student marketers, moms, housewives and women who want to rejoin the workforce to join our team. We encourage you to use your social power to empower yourself and encourage your audience to become acquainted with our brand’s objectives. We’re helping ALL people worldwide to attain PHENOMENAL careers in the tech industry, particularly ones that render high five and six figure salaries. 

So what is your role as an Ambassador? 

  • Follow VCA and share daily social media posts daily on FB, IG and LinkedIn 

  • Promote VCA events, including coding clubs, webinars and workshops 

  • Refer potential students to our IT courses

What are the Benefits?

  • Receive a Brand Ambassador digital badge

  • Get Free VCA swag – branded cap, bag, pen, pencil, T-shirt

  • Get preferred registration for a spot into free webinars and tech workshops

  • Receive personalized career consultation

  • Get a 10% discount on all the VCA IT bootcamps and IT certifications courses

As VCA continues to provide the BEST tech education online and onsite, we welcome you to become a long standing loyal social partner by endorsing our brand! You’ll get a bunch of cool stuff, along with the best tech resources and career opportunities for 2021.

We’ll give you access to FREEBIES and an education that leads to a future you could have only pictured in your dreams. So, pump up your online presence with VCA’s social media posts and we’ll find SUCCESS together!

!!! Click here to register for our Brand Ambassador Program. !!!

To enrol in our IT Bootcamps and IT certification programs contact Shefali Patel at or call 832-500-4136 .

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