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Sponsor VCA’s exclusive TECH training program to help women to re-enter the workforce, attract and retain female talent and position your brand as a diversity and inclusion champion.

TECH Talent Shortage

By 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the shortage of technical talent will exceed 1.2M. As companies grapple with current talent shortages, women can be a key part of the solution.

TECH Needs More Women

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While progress has been made to make TECH a more inclusive and welcoming space, there is still more work to be done. We want to do our part for the next generation of women in TECH by helping them gain access to high demanded, high paying IT career paths that desperately need more diversity. 

Providing women career breakers with opportunities to pursue an education and build 21st century IT skills is one of the most effective ways to support their voice and leadership in their families, communities, and country.

The Barrier To Returning To Work For Moms

Mothers who want to resume their careers after caring for their children shouldn’t be penalized for their decision. Sponsorship is about seeing a candidate’s potential, nurturing their career growth and helping them perform better to be better. By doing so, mothers will have more opportunities to grow in TECH careers, and executives can contribute to creating a thriving company by choosing good women candidates for the job.

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To attract and retain women in TECH,

VCA has designed the Women to Re-enter the Workforce Through IT Skills Training Program.

High demanded IT Bootcamps

Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing fields today. The demand for skilled professionals will continue to grow exponentially in the upcoming years.

Software testers play a key role in making high-quality products and improving software projects. This is a high paying and high demanded IT career.

Software engineering is important because specific software is needed in almost every industry, in every business, and for every function.

Who Can Become a Scholarship Partner?

Any for-profit organizations, nonprofits, community based organizations, global foundations, UN organizations, business entities, enterprises, corporations, workforce and veteran agencies, EQUALS and partners, private companies with CSR goals pertaining to SDG 4, 5, 8 or 10 are welcome to partner.

Meet your business' diversity, equity & inclusion goals

Did you know there is a strong link between diversity and productivity in the business world? Gender-diverse teams have higher sales and profits compared to male-dominated teams. 

Whether you want to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion, gain access to an unparalleled pool of talent or be known as a champion for women in technology, this is the perfect program to sponsor.

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Want to apply in the Women to Re-enter the Workforce Program?

Why sponsor VCA's Women to Re-enter the Workforce Program?

Champion Women in TECH

  • Gain a competitive edge in the talent market
  • Show that you’re serious about diversity and inclusion
  • Position your organisation as an employer of choice to an audience of leading women in TECH

Attract & Retain Top Female Talent

  • Gain access to an unparalleled pool of suitable IT trained talent to help meet your recruitment needs
  • Streamline your talent acquisition process by connecting with thousands of women in tech in one place
  • Show your employees that you care about the cause at hand, while supporting their professional development

Be Seen

  • Be known as a champion for diversity and inclusion 

  • Recognization & branding

  • Support UN SDG 5

  • Contribute in bridging the digital gender divide

Want to become a sponsor/partner?

Attract and retain more women in your workplace by offering VCA’s re-entry program. Partner with us to create an organizational culture where all your talent can thrive with equity, diversity & inclusion practice. Take the next step and fill this partnership interest form. Reach out to us at, if you have additional questions.

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