Because the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for digital transformation in businesses, the demand for IT skills, specifically data science and software development, has increased at a rapid rate. This shift has created a gap for tech talent worldwide, leaving many employers without a staff that are equipped with the IT skills to help drive business growth. These companies find themselves in a position where they must re-skill and up-skill their employees or incur the costs and time to find new talent for New Collar Jobs, time they just don’t have in 2021. 

his current era presents an ideal opportunity for those looking for a new career with a New Collar job in 2021, especially one that offers high pay and high growth. Among the multitude of opportunities available for New Collar Work, these are highly demanded I.T. skills in 2021: Python development, software development management, back-and front-end development, data engineering, cyber security and artificial intelligence.
To prepare you for 2021 New Collar Jobs Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) provides TOP TIER training through our world class computer training academy, a tech institution with 30 years of global I.T. training. We’ve trained 30,000 students over the past three decades in I.T. skills that real world employers want and have introduced more courses to keep up with workforce demands. We offer comprehensive I.T. courses for the most demanded IT skills in the 2021 workforce and conduct our online training with LIVE expert instructors.

VCA offers plenty of career tools and resources for aspiring New Collar Workers. Our guidance will lead you to become an employee who receives the compensation and longevity that workers strive for when choosing a dream career with consistent room for advancement. New Collar Workers can perform tasks remotely from home, making New Collar Work especially beneficial for stay-at-home moms, home caregivers, injured workers, and people with limited mobility. These circumstances can be accommodated through remote learning offered by expert trainers.

Entrance into the tech field is fairly quick and convenient. Most New Collar Jobs in the tech industry don’t require achieving a college degree. Students can become certified in a matter of weeks and learning can take place remotely in small groups. Job opportunities are available nationwide and globally for New Collar Jobs. Start the New Year with a New Career. We provide career counseling, to lead you in the right direction toward the best jobs for you!

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