The Guide of Microsoft EXCEL for Real Estate

With a multitude of priorities calling for attention throughout the day, realtors must stay organized. Without having a system in place for organizing the daily actionable activities, it is easy to lose track of any objectives that need to get done. Thus, if you intend to work in real estate you must be proficient in Excel.

Fundamentally, private commercial real estate analysis seeks to compare the cost of an asset to the cash flow that it produces. Not only will having a cohesive spreadsheet help you keep track of your income and expenses on a monthly basis, it will also help you gauge the profitability of your investment. 

So, it is common to use a spreadsheet tool, such as Microsoft Excel, to assist with this effort. For those who know how to use it, Excel is a cost-effective, portable alternative to expensive industry programs. Instead of looking for specialized solutions, here’s how this simple tool can get the job done for realtors.

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Organize your workflow

Spreadsheets are very efficient tools for real estate organization. With them you keep your work demand under control: attendance, visits, fundraising, etc. This is part of excellent customer service.

You can and should have all the features that real estate spreadsheets offer. Having a real estate spreadsheet to document and monitor all customer service is essential for quality service.

In business, especially in the real estate market, the relationship with the customer is something that must be carefully constructed so that in the long run it can result in sales.

In addition, with the data organized in real estate spreadsheets, you can better manage your routine and workflow and outline assertive sales strategies, making the sales funnel efficient. You may also find additional tools, like this software to compare excel sheets online, useful to make sure than any changes aren’t missed and help with organisation as a whole.

Track Leads

Keeping tabs on leads for people who may not have the money to purchase a home now is important. Asking when the person would be interested in buying a home allows an agent or company to reach out to this person during this time. This can not only help you sell the client’s current home but also double up on that commission by helping them find a new home to purchase. It is not always the right time for someone to buy a home but they still might need more information on the process. Consider these warm leads as the potential client has shown interest in buying a home in the next year or two.

Cost & Accessibility 

Excel is essentially free, given most people have access to Microsoft Office. There is a wealth of content on YouTube and Google that show how to build a model – and for those who are happy to pay for it, you can pay a professional fee to a consultant who will build the document for you, or join a training course. 

Audit Trail

Excel’s version history functionality allows you to show changes from prior versions. This toggle highlights cells that are different from the last version (or whatever version you want to compare it against). This can be particularly useful when trying to determine the changes to the model from the last conversation.

Real Estate Management

Successful realtors keep the business moving forward. Finding new leads to work with is part of the job. Microsoft Excel can be used in several ways for managing your resources especially money, time and leads. Keeping up to date on when buyers are interested to start shopping. Some shoppers may not be ready now but give you a timeframe for when they will be. Have a list dedicated to upcoming timeframes where customers have informed you they will be ready. Another idea is to keep track of their potential budgets. Now you know when your future client is ready to buy along with their budget. You can reference the list and send listings right on cue to the potential buyer.

As you can see Microsoft Excel is second to none when it comes to real estate world. 


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