Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) is located in Stafford, TX and has been a global leader in IT education and training for the past 30years. VCA is a minority & woman owned global institute dedicated to providing IT education and training to individuals, businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions.

Our mission is to tackle the United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, and 8 – quality education, gender equality, and decent work & economic growth. We pride ourselves on transforming and empowering lives through education. So far, VCA has trained more than 30,000 students (60% female students).  We offer a variety of IT courses suitable for all ages to make our students college and workforce ready! 

Training on MS -OFFICE, GOOGLE APPS and other basic IT skills

VCA has been offering training on MS-OFFICE certifications to educators and help them certified.

CURRICULUM and Training material development for BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT and other career courses under CTE.

VCA is preparing students, educators, administrators, staff members for remote learning and teaching by offering training on zoom and skype

VCA can show you how to conduct class lessons through remote learning efficiently and effectively. With internet tools like zoom and skype teleconferencing software, teachers can run their classrooms from a digital platform that gives their students the best learning experience. 

How VCA helps other educational institutions and organizations with OPEN P-TECH

VCA is partnering with various institutions and organizations, particularly schools, community colleges, and educational institutions in urban, suburban and rural areas of Texas. We also include nonprofits, workforce boards, community organizations and faith-based organizations to offer this free educational opportunity in the tech field.

VCA can help pave the way to an education in areas of technology that is fundamental to entering the workforce in a new-collar role. Students can learn through a program that will allow them to bypass a four-year college curriculum, so they can start preparing for a career as a New Collar worker at a faster pace.

By combining online learning with community college, students are able to build the skills that are needed for new collar roles. Through OPEN P-TECH they’ll learn the skills that are high in demand by employees. Students will be exposed to emerging career fields and skills. They’ll learn about cybersecurity, blockchain, data science, AI, design thinking, building algorithms, machine-learning and cloud enablement.

College/career readiness

By partnering with VCA students will get the opportunity to jumpstart their career by learning various tech skills with an understanding of how technology is applied in the real world. Through OPEN P-TECH they’ll receive the core professional skills they need to be successful now, in college and in the workplace. Students will be equipped with tech skills that employers want and they’ll be able to distinguish themselves when they attend college or apply for jobs. 

How VCA can help students enhance their learning even further for the best New-Collar jobs

Once students complete their studies through OPEN P-TECH, VCA can extend their learning through IT bootcamps and IT certification programs where they’ll learn the most in demand skills within weeks and become certified to qualify for employment in a high paying career. 

P-TECH is an excellent free resource for education in computer technology. Partner with VCA so we can help more teachers and students achieve their career goals in computer technology.

Preparing students for workforce through our IT bootcamps

As businesses become more and more technology driven, students who plan to enter the workforce in the near future may not be quite ready for the employment landscape that awaits them. Many students aren’t equipped with a learning curriculum that goes beyond the basic high school courses required to graduate. They’ll have an essential need for tech skills to get high paying jobs, if they want to meet the demand for IT skills.

Unfortunately, many teachers don’t have the digital training to educate their students with the computer skills that they must have to meet an employer’s needs. At VCA we can train students through our IT bootcamps to give them the necessary skills to prepare them for the workforce.

Virtual STEM, coding clubs for girls

At VCA we’re introducing more and more girls to STEM education through coding clubs. Our affiliation with Girls Who Code provides us with the ability to provide after school clubs for girls to learn coding in a safe online environment for a virtual experience.

Girls will get started with learning basic programming languages and functions to help them understand the fundamentals of coding. Contact us today to find out how you or your child can join a club today! 

After school virtual IT training programs

Before the covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world, after school activities like sports, music groups, language clubs and other extracurricular activities held a standing appointment on students’ social calendars. Social distancing has removed these programs from schedules all over the world, leaving many children with a gaping hole in their after-school learning. VCA offers IT training programs in a virtual learning format through zoom and skype. Students will learn programming, mobile apps development, Microsoft office, python and other digital skills.

We also offer customized IT training programs based on educational institution needs.

Please, e-mail us on to schedule an online meeting with VCA founder for further discussion.