The ways of approaching educational processes directly influence the way knowledge is understood and retained. 

One of the first decisions you will have to make when choosing tech or IT training, is the format or method you receive that knowledge. Today, professional development can occur through instructor-led training (whether in-person or live online), self-paced eLearning or self-taught learning modules. Obviously, cost is a major determining factor, but what else needs to be considered?

Instructor Led Training works by having a permanently guided training program, taught, watched and analyzed in real time by the instructor, allowing him to give a live response to any doubt and immediately changing the learning method if necessary and if the advanced reports feature suggests so. It works better for compliance training for example or types of learning programs more focused on exact sciences.

The primary features of instructor-led training includes:

  • Live Instructor: As the name suggests, a live instructor delivers the information remotely, in real time, bringing the human element into the course, making it more natural to the typical human way of learning, in a classroom environment.
  • Interactive Sessions: The human element in the virtual instructor-led training offers greater interaction between instructor and students, allowing them to ask questions and raise queries during the course. This includes discussion on real life scenarios and practical examples on how the theory covered in the course relates or applies to each student’s organisation’s environment.
  • More Intricate Training:Virtual instructor-led training is more intricate, with more close detail than self-paced training, which makes them perfect for training on advanced or specialist subject matter.
  • High-Level: Virtual instructor-led classrooms are usually reserved for the higher-level subjects. This is especially true in the IT industry, where each subject and learning point has various levels of complication and intricacy. Subjects that are more advanced require more in-depth training, which is why instructor-led training is perfectly suited to it.
  • Industry-specific Concepts with Regular Updates: The learning points featured in such a course are usually updated alongside emerging technology and concepts.

When it comes to the question of instructor-led training vs self-paced eLearning, the biggest pro for instructor-led training is that students can ask questions and receive feedback in real-time. There is no delay in receiving knowledge or struggling through lessons during the class times. Instructors can also alter lessons or incorporate additional material as needed based on how students are progressing through the class. In this way, students save time by not having to seek out these additional resources on their own or fumbling through multiple resources trying to find ones that work for them.

Community & learning together

Learning in a community is often much more effective than learning in isolation. Being able to ask questions, discuss topics and assist other learners really engages the mind and enriches the learning experience. Also, feeling the personality, passion and experience of the teacher can be a real plus for the learner.

At Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) we train students for real world employer desired hands on skills through Live instructor led online training. Students are trained through our I.T. bootcamps with the skills that are high in demand and offer high pay. Training takes 10-16 weeks for most courses. Once students have completed the required courses and become certified, they’re prepared to begin working in an I.T. position as a NEW COLLAR worker. 

With so many options available for I.T. training, why choose Vijay Computer Academy? VCA has 30 years of global IT education experience and has trained 30,000 students.

If you are serious about learning to program, VCA is here to help!

  • VCA provides DEMO / TRIAL classes for each of the bootcamps and IT certifications we offer. 

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