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Today we’re gonna talk about a subject that comes into everyone’s mind at least once: how should I choose the career I want?

We normally start thinking about this as teenagers, when we’re in high school and need to decide which college we’ll go to and which profession we’ll be working for the rest of our lives.

However, this isn’t the easiest decision, especially if we’re doing it alone.

That leads us to keep thinking about career paths even after we’re graduated.

If that’s your case, don’t worry: this blog article will help you get clear on what you want in a career and how you can get it.

Just continue reading to find out!

Step 1 to trace your career path: understand who you are.

I know it may sound so cliché, but we have to start with this step.

Even though it seems basic, lots of people skip this part and choose their careers based on what people say, or on what their parents recommend.

But the secret to being happy in your work life is to first understand who you are!

This includes understanding your weaknesses, your strengths, your likes, dislikes, your skills, the things you hate doing, etc.

We all have an affinity with some subjects, and this type of information can help us trace a much better path for work.

So the first thing on your 101 career guide is doing a list of your skills, likes, dislikes, wants, dreams, desires.

Once you have that in your hands, you can go to step 2: exploring options.

Step 2 to trace your career path: explore job options

This is such an important step as well! To make an informed decision on what you’ll be working and doing in your life, you need to know what are your options out there. We normally know the most common ones, like lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, and others. However, we have thousands of professions that are not so known but that are perfectly fine to work with So this step is all about searching. Go to the internet and lookup for “most needed professions” or “professions to follow if you’re into mathematics”, and any other things you want to explore. Write down the ones who catch your attention more, cause we’ll be using them to step 3: setting how much money you want to make.

Step 3 to trace your career path: setting how much money you want to make

Ok, so after you got to understand yourself and explore the job options you have, it’s time to filter it down with some requirements you have for your career path. One of these filters it’s money. It’s important that you understand how much money you want to make monthly/yearly, so you know what career you should invest in. So after you made that list on step 2 of possible jobs you may like, it’s time to do research and see what are their incomes like. You can just type on Google/Safari “what’s the salary for…” and the profession you want. With this, you can look at the income that each of your options brings, and choose the ones who fit you the most. Remember to do that step thinking about what YOU want, and not about what society says you should earn. This is a very personal decision; there’s no such thing as “too much money” or “too little money”. There’s what you want to make. Go for it.

Step 4 to trace your career path: find a place to teach you your new profession

And the last step on this career tracing journey is actually finding a place that can teach you your new profession! This place can be a college, a mentor, an online course, a school, an academy: it depends on what you need to learn in order to enter that job market. In case you chose anything related to technology and IT, we can help! Vijay Computer Academy is an institution where you can learn several skills, like programming, Excel, data analytics, software testing, Microsoft Office, and so much more. We’ve been on the market for 30 years now, so we know our way around training people to find the best jobs in the market. Our whole methodology is focused on practical learning, so you can graduate from our courses ready to exercise your profession and make the money you want. Our cohorts are currently open for some of our best courses, like Java and Phyton certifications, advanced and regular Excel, Office automation, Software Testing, Data Analytics, and others! If you want a career in IT, that’s perfect for you. At VCA, you don’t need to have a college degree or any previous experience in the area. All you need is the willingness to learn and grow. You can contact us through our email, Whatsapp, or schedule a free call with our owner herself, Shefali Kapoor Patel Schedule your free call here! Whatsapp: 832.500.4136

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Trace the career path you want and let us guide you through it!

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