With Covid-19 the career and employment situation have resulted in all types of businesses and organizations working environments and sustainability requirements to change. One thing that is very clear after the last three months is that digital literacy and IT skills is a necessary part of any business and individual’s life to succeed. At Vijay Computer Academy we are looking for ways to help partner with your organization and clientele to acquire any type of IT skill to help your company and clients learn the skills necessary to increase productivity.

The Impact of the Pandemic on the Businesses and Teams  

The Covid-19 virus has not only caused a world health crisis, it has sent many businesses and organizations into a technological tailspin. Companies whose employees lack the digital IT skills to work remotely have suffered from an inability to maximize production and effectively keep up with day to day operations. Therefore, it is imperative that employees have the computer training that is needed to adjust to a new digital infrastructure, navigate the existing one and maintain seamless communication with teams through a teleconferencing platform.

Millions of employees have been forced to shift from an office setting to a work-from-home environment, so all industries must have employees who are trained in several IT related fields to survive the economic impact that Covid-19 has made on businesses worldwide. This challenge is apparent for brick and mortar companies like restaurants and retails stores who have had to switch from in-store sales to online orders and shipping. To accommodate the change employees should be able to handle apps, cloud storage, website updates, e-commerce abilities to allow pre-orders, delivery and curb side service.

There are specific IT skills that employees should have to work remotely and manage your business; video conferencing, web development, application development, data management, network engineering, software testing, technical writing and IT help desk. Do your employees have these skills or does your business or organization need training?

Vijay Computer Academy can train your employees and team members in a wide range of computer courses that will prepare them to meet the IT criteria that your company needs to operate efficiently and survive Covid-19. Courses are conducted online by live instructors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, VCA has worked tirelessly to find ways to give back to the community. VCA has offered 50+ free, online webinars and hands on tech workshops to 900+ individuals – students & parents, educators, leaders, administrators & Business professionals within 3 months. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to reach out to assist individuals and organizations across the globe to increase productivity in and out of the office through technical skills. We have free IT career consultations as well as free IT career webinars that you can attend to get a better understanding of the courses and importance of IT skills. Feel free to call or email us to get more information about IT  webinars, global IT skills demands , career opportunities and VCA courses.


The COVID-19 pandemic is putting an unprecedented and significant strain on the global economy and public health systems. It is also highlighting, and magnifying inequalities and the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination faced by women and girls. The pandemic has moved beyond a global health crisis and has morphed into a labor market, social and economic crisis, posing a serious threat to women’s employment and livelihoods, especially in precarious informal and non-essential sectors. 

Because of the disparaging gender imbalance when it concerns women in IT, many businesses and organizations have made a commitment to reduce these inequalities by helping to increase diversity and inclusion for women in computer related careers.


Partner with VCA to Close the Digital Gender Divide by Empowering Girls & Women in the IT 

By partnering with Vijay Computer Academy, we can help you meet your diversity and inclusion goals by training more of your female employees in IT or train more women to join your work force as an employee or an intern. You can also offer scholarships to female students at VCA to help them pursue their dream careers in IT.

Vijay Computer Academy’s initiative for training girls in STEM begins as early as nine years of age for females who are interested in IT. By making our IT courses available to grade school and high school students, we’re helping to prepare a pipeline of next generation female talent. We start kids and youth with the fundamental levels of computer technology to more advanced applications. We have been training girls and women in STEM for 30 years. Many of these girls have grown up to become highly skilled professional coders, website builders, mobile app developers, data analysts and more. 

Meet the Founder

Shefali Kapoor Patel is an iconic leader in the information technology education industry. She is a founder and signature force behind Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) in India and USA. Shefali started the Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) in December 1990, after her late father, to carry on her father’s name and build a legacy. The name “Vijay” literally means “Victory” and it perfectly represents what Shefali is all about.

 VCA is a women-and-minority-owned institute that is focused on empowering youth, women and society through Shefali’s par excellence, globally recognized IT training programs and is now a globally successful business that is not only economically beneficial but socially vital.

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