No college degree? No problem.

VCA is here to help!

Vijay Computer Academy is excited to join Stellarworx to connect our STARs to career opportunities. Stellarworx makes it easy for job seekers to locate, vet, and connect with employers that are ready to hire workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes; or STARs. STARs have developed valuable skills through tech bootcamps, apprenticeships, military service, on the job or other alternative training routes, rather than through a bachelor’s degree.

Stellarworx is powered by Opportunity@Work, a national nonprofit expanding career opportunities for skilled workers without bachelor’s degrees in related career fields. 

We want to help you discover your next STAR and diversify the way you hire.


This is an invite only platform in which training providers, like the Vijay Computer Academy, connect their learners to regional employers focused on skills-based hiring to help expand opportunities and new ways of finding and developing the STARs in our region.

Students and alumni of Vijay Computer Academy interested in joining Stellarworx should contact at to learn more about this amazing opportunity. VCA’s high demanded IT Bootcamps & Certification Courses train you to get high paying IT New Collar Jobs in a short period of time.



If you have completed training through VCA IT courses & IT bootcamps, you are eligible to join Stellarworx platform though VCA’s invitation.

On this platform, you can create your profile and add all the skills and certificate gained after completing your IT course/bootcamp at VCA. This marketplace will allow you to connect with regional employers and identify the right jobs!

If you are interested to join any IT course at VCA, please contact us and keep exploring our IT courses & IT bootcamps list.


For employers interested in getting connected with STARs and building up a diverse workforce, VCA is the right partner. VCA helps you to nurture a continuous talent pipeline through our IT skilled STARs! 

With this partnership, we make recruiting easy for all our hiring partners. Register for an account at, post your jobs (for free) and begin interacting with qualified STARs.

Send your IT talent needs and open jobs info to We will be happy to share with our current students, graduates and alumnis.