Microsoft Office Course

MS-OFFICE is used by over 1.2 billion people and most businesses across the world. With many easy-to-use applications providing flexible solutions for every task you meet at the workplace, school, or at home, the Microsoft Office or MS Office software suite is the global reference for desktop publishing.        

Learn Microsoft Office from computer basics and be ready for high paying NEW COLLAR JOBS in just 2 to 4 weeks. 

2,621 already enrolled!

Course Eligibility

  • No college degree, IT background or prior experience is needed.
  • This course is open to all with working knowledge of English language.

Why to enroll?

During this hands-on course, novice users will learn core skills to work
effectively with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). Students will learn to enter and edit different types of data using Microsoft Office Applications. Various strategies will be used to format and edit Document, Worksheet, Presentation, and Mail. Different print settings will be applied and then previewed. Throughout this course, the instructor will include numerous tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Each student will also receive a full course manual.

  • The use of computers for basic purposes
  • Preparing personnel/business letters
  • Use of mail merge
  • Put together business presentations
  • Preparing worksheets
  • Searching information on the internet (the web)
  • Receiving and sending mails

Why Microsoft Office Will Boost you employability?

Because Microsoft is used by so many businesses, the skills you have working on the software are immediately transferrable to new jobs and companies.

Are you looking to change career paths and break into the tech industry, advance in your current career, or expand your knowledge? If yes, and if you are hard-working with a drive to succeed, then this could be for you. Other reasons this program might be the right move because of the following career opportunities:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service
  • Representative
  • Computer Operator
  • Secretary
  • Office Assistant
  • Administrator Secretary
  • Technical Support
  • Specialist
  • Sales Associate
  • IT Help Desk Specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Clerk Typist
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Office Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Senior Clerk
  • Office Administrator
  • Receptionist
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course outline

 Course Code  Course Name  Hours
 MO099  Computer Fundamental  05
 MO098  Microsoft Windows and Internet  05
 MO101  Microsoft Word  09
 MO102  Microsoft Excel  09
 MO103  Microsoft PowerPoint  07
 MO104  Microsoft Outlook  05
 Total Contact Hrs  40

The approximate time required to complete the program is as follows:

  • Full Time mode — 2 weeks
  • Part Time mode — 4 weeks

Microsoft Office Course Fees


$1,500 USD

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