Everything you need to know about Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships are an established and highly effective way to recruit and train people on the job. By involving apprenticeship programs into your organisation, you are not only helping individuals develop a career, but you are also making a strong business decision which will generate benefits for your team and your bottom line.

In this blog, Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) will take you through a wide range of advantages that apprenticeships can provide, including benefits for senior leaders, benefits for existing employees, and the financial impact of apprenticeship training.

1. Develop skills , you can’t buy and fix your skills shortage
Skills gaps exist in every industry, but especially for IT and tech roles. In terms of Data Analysts, UK government research revealed that over the last two years, 46% of businesses have struggled to recruit for roles requiring data skills. 
Apprenticeship training is one solution to these skills shortages, enabling employers to build their future specialists from the ground up.

2. Save on recruitment costs
Even if you can find someone with the skills and experience you need for your business, hiring a senior specialist can come at a cost. According to research from Glassdoor, the average employer spends around £3000 and 27.5 days to hire a new worker.
Apprenticeships can be a great route to save on recruitment fees, as many training providers – including VCA Registered IT Apprenticeship Programs – will handle the recruitment process for you, helping you find your ideal candidate free of charge.

3. Improve staff satisfaction and increase employee retention
Apprentices can be a cost-effective way to ease the pressure on a stretched team, increasing capacity while boosting morale. With apprenticeships, you can mould your candidates to fit in with your business needs, values and culture from the very start.
Given the opportunity, many apprentices choose to remain within the business as full-time members of staff once they have finished their training.
Apprenticeships are an effective way of nurturing loyal members of staff who will continue to benefit your company in the long term. 

4. Cost-effective
Apprenticeships are a particularly cost-effective way to train staff, as they are making a contribution to the workplace while they are learning. Apprentices spend much of their time gaining skills on the job as well as adding to their skills and professional understanding in the classroom environment. Funding can also be available to support the cost of the apprentice while they are learning. For those on lower salaries under the age of 25 employers national insurance contributions are also waived.

5. Boost productivity
Once your apprentices have found their bearings within the business, they will be able to alleviate a lot of the stress that a heavy workload can bring to a team. The simplest tasks can often end up taking the most time, as they tend to be frequent. Having apprentices on the team means that these basic jobs can be taken care of, freeing up the rest of your team to work on higher level projects.

6. Diversify your team
While there is still work to be done to improve access to apprenticeships, they can be a powerful tool for increasing minority representation in many sectors, including the tech industry, and enhancing social mobility.
If you only recruit using established methods, such as recruitment firms and graduate schemes, you are likely to be hiring your team from a shallow pool that does not necessarily represent wider society, or your ideal customers. Apprenticeships attract a wide range of people, including young people fresh from school or college, university graduates, and people seeking a career change.
Bringing new faces into the team will bring new ideas and new perspectives to the table and ultimately strengthen your business.

7. Increase your company’s bottom line
Investing in staff trained through apprenticeships has a positive effect on a company’s finances, making it more competitive.
National Apprenticeship Service data has shown that 81% of consumers favor using a company that takes on apprentices. You can even calculate the return on investment of an apprenticeship on your business on the organization’s website.
Furthermore, as companies receive funding for each apprentice they take on, it means they don’t have to spend as much to recruit new staff.

8. Revitalize your company
Apprentices often bring a fresh approach and a positive attitude into the workplace, which can have a knock-on effect on existing staff. By embarking on an apprenticeship, they are showing themselves to be willing to learn and can bring new ideas into the company.
As apprentices come from a range of backgrounds – including high-calibre candidates who do not want the costs of going to university – they can bring fresh insight into your business activities.
Finally, a company that is willing to invest in people by supporting apprenticeships is showing a positive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is good for attracting both customers and future high-quality staff.

9. Strengthen your employer brand
Apprenticeships are big news! And any company with an apprenticeship programme in place is likely to be viewed as a forward-thinking organization, who is investing in its people. You’re sure to boost your attraction rates and become an employer of choice for both prospective employees, as well as for those looking for apprenticeship opportunities.

10. Positive long-term development 
Taking on apprentices can help you improve the range of skills you have within your organization. It also encourages you to look at the way you do things because you are passing on your knowledge and expertise to people keen to learn the trade or business, enhancing your own skill development. Simply taking a closer look at what you do and why can lead to you making improvements and becoming more efficient. 

Apprenticeships are an amazing way to recruit, train and develop your team, with wide-ranging benefits. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, create a more diverse workforce, or take control of your digital skills gap, an apprenticeship programme could be the way to go.

So as you can see, the benefits are countless. Not only that, but you will also do an enormous amount for someone’s career and personal development.
It’s a win win situation.

We are very thrilled and proud to announce that Vijay Computer academy is a Registered IT Apprenticeship Program by DOL now. 

This is an extension and expansion of our missions of bridging the skills gap and workforce development and empowering underserved communities through our world class IT education and training programs for last 30+ years.

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