Introduction to Programming Using Python

Introduction to programming using Python is designed to give students the fundamental skills required to become a talented, confident, developeras Python can be used for back end development, software development, and data science.

Python will be an added advantage for the faster career growth as it is one of the most popular and ever-growing programming languages of the future. Every year 100,000 Python developer jobs will be projected.


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  • According to ZipRecruiter: the entry-level Python developer salary in the US is $78,176 a year on average.
  • As per, 102,492 Python Developer jobs are available. 

Why to enroll?

Learning Python gives the programmer a wide variety of career paths to choose from. Python is an open-source (free) programming language that is used in web programming, data science, artificial intelligence, and many scientific applications. This allows the programmer to focus on solving problems, rather than focusing on syntax. Its relative size and simplified syntax give it an edge over languages like Java and C++, yet the abundance of libraries gives it the power needed to accomplish great things.
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VCA’s course provides an introduction to programming and the Python language. Students are introduced to core programming concepts like data structures, conditionals, loops, variables, and functions. It includes an overview of the various tools available for writing and running Python, and gets students coding quickly. Moreover, it provides hands-on coding exercises using commonly used data structures, writing custom functions, and reading and writing to files. This course may be more robust than some other introductory python courses, as it delves deeper into certain essential programming topics.

Career Opportunities

  • Python Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Research Analyst
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Our Python Course Covers

 Course Code  Course Name  Hours
 ST102  Programming Techniques  20
 PY101  Introduction to programming using Python  30
 Total Contact Hrs  50

The approximate time required to complete the program is as follows:

  • Full Time program — 3 weeks
  • Part Time program — 6 weeks

Python Course Tuition


$1,199 USD

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