The Front-end Development program teaches students how to create websites and applications. Students will learn how to develop sites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. This program will be beneficial to web developers and graphic designers who are building applications that interact with the client-side and require input from the end-user.

Course Eligibility

  • No college degree, IT background or prior experience is needed.
  • This course is open to all with working knowledge of English language.

Why to enroll in this course?

Are you looking to change career paths and break into the tech industry, advance in your current career, or expand your knowledge? If yes, and if you are hard working with a drive to succeed, then this could be for you. Other reasons this program might be the right move:

  • You are interested in freelancing to supplement your current income—or want to engage more productively in your current job
  • You want to move up on your  company or change careers—or switch from a non-technical to a technical role
  • You dream of going “all in” on an entrepreneurial idea and want to gain the skills needed to build your product
  • You are a constant learner and wish to gain additional knowledge or amplify your skillset while in college

Get trained to become a front-end developer!

The front-end developer is the bridge connecting the designer and back-end developer. The developer’s work is to take the final designs of an application from the designer, and code it into the front-end code so the back-end developer can understand it and build the functionality around it. Some daily tasks of a front-end developer:

  • Develop responsive sites and applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Utilize the essential concepts of project management as they apply to web development
  • Develop a high-quality portfolio to present to potential employers
  • Apply best coding practices and learn to code for performance using: sprites, caching, and other modern tools of the trade
html css js course

Other Career Opportunities

  • Junior Developer
  • Website Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Digital Production Coordinator
  • Website Project Manager
  • Website Support Specialist
  • HTML and CSS Production Specialist
  • Technical Virtual Assistant
  • HTML Email Developer Jobs
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Entry-Level Front End Developer Jobs
  • Entry-Level Web Developer
  • Webmaster Jobs
  • WordPress Developer
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course Curriculum

 Course Code  Course Name  Hours
 ST102  Programming Techniques  20
 FW101  Introduction to HTML5  15
 FW102  Introduction to CSS3  15
 FW103  Introduction to JavaScript  30
 Total Contact Hrs                  80

Duration:  80 hours – 8 weeks

Classes : 2 hours/day , Monday to Friday

HTML CSS JS Course Tuition


$2,399 USD

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