As companies continue to adapt technologically to digital demands, many of them require more workers with data science, cloud computing and web development capabilities. This evolution has opened up an abundance of job positions without degreed workers to fill them, making the new collar worker the idea candidate for employment.

A new collar worker has been trained with the technical skills that employers want, but hasn’t been required to spend years being education in a four year college program. The new collar worker can work remotely and complete the technical tasks that help businesses operate efficiently, especially during a crisis that may not allow for on-site labor.

Companies need these skilled workers for a workforce that possesses I.T. skills but understands that they will consistently need to keep learning new skills to keep up with technological advances and demand.

At Vijay Computer Academy (VCA) we train students for real world employer desired hands on skills through Live instructor led online training. Students are trained through our I.T. bootcamps with the skills that are high in demand and offer high pay. Training takes 10-16 weeks for most courses. Once students have completed the required courses and become certified, they’re prepared to begin working in an I.T. position as a NEW COLLAR worker. 

With so many options available for I.T. training, why choose Vijay Computer Academy?  VCA has30 years of global IT education experience and has trained 30,000 students.

Why is VCA Bootcamp better than any other self-paced Bootcamp? 
VCA  offers Bootcamp with Live instructor-led online training. We cover the courses that students need to qualify for jobs with real-world employers. There are classroom and online training options, along with small group training by expert & experienced instructors 

Why are VCA bootcamps better than any other competitors?VCA offers world class training with one-on-one assistance to help you choose the right IT career pathway and career to have a dream IT job. Anyone can join because we start our training from scratch with foundation skills. Tuition is competitive and we assist with your job search.

Why do you need to invest in reskilling and upskilling at VCA? 

VCA trains workers with the I.T. skills that employers need to up-skill their employees with tech skills to advance in the company. We also re-skill employees, so they’re prepared with the skills they need to find employment elsewhere.Sign up today. Contact Shefali at or call 832.500.4136
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