5 steps to becoming a programmer: follow these steps to start adventuring yourself in the coding world

If you are thinking about exploring new career paths and leaning into the technology world, then programming can be a good way to go!

Even though it seems like there are lots of programmers out there, this is a profession with high demand on the market, so no need to worry; if you’re qualified enough, then you probably have a shot at it.

But, you may be asking yourself: “where do I start even? I don’t know any coding languages, and I’ve only heard people talking about JavaScript”.

Well, this blog article is for you! Here, we’ll tell you the 5 first steps you need to take to enter in the programming world.

Just continue reading and you’ll see them all!

Step 1: Understand for what you can use every programming language

Before anything, you need to know what are the most used coding languages, and for what we use each of them.

In this coding universe, we have lots of options, but each one brings you a different outcome and a way to work.

Below, we made you a graphic to explain the most common coding languages and what type of projects they can allow you to make:

Now that you know the main coding languages and their uses, you’re ready to step 2: choosing what you want to create with programming!

Step 2: Choose what type of thing you would like to create with programming

As you can see, there are so many options when we talk about coding.

You can create websites, applications software, games, machine learning, and the list goes.

However, no narrow down and make your learning easier, try choosing 1-2 things you would like to focus on creating.

If you want to learn coding as a job, website development and software applications are a good way to go, since they are always needed in the market.

If you’re more on the hobby/learning side, then you may want to go with game development, or machine learning as well.

Either way, all of these areas have good employment potential, so you’re good!

After choosing what you want, it’s time to get things going with step 3: getting introduced to programming.

Step 3: Get introduced to programming

Ok. So now you know the coding languages, their uses, and what type of things you want to create with them. Your next step? Actually starting the learning! The easiest way to get introduced to a new skill such as coding, it’s starting in pieces, with the recommended knowledge for beginners. Here’s the time where apps and tutorials come in handy! As applications, we recommend you to download Grasshopper. That’s Google’s app to teach people how to code in small chunks, and in a fun didactic way! It’s 100% free and it can be such a good starter if you don’t want to get overwhelmed with books and technical terms. Youtube channels are also a good option! Try searching the name of the coding language you choose + “for beginners” in the Youtube browser. So like: “Phyton for beginners”. You’ll see some videos and you can choose the ones that seem more appealing to you, in length, image, and even pace. In this phase, it’s all about knowing your learning style, and what really works for you! After you see some things and get a little more familiar with coding, you are ready to jump into step 4: seeking proper help to dive deep into the programming world.

Step 4: Search for the proper help to dive deep into the programming world 

Yep, that’s right: seeking proper help will be the setting difference into a successful learning and a bad routine when you just want to give up because it’s too hard.

After getting to know more about how coding works, it’s time for you to actually invest in that education, and get the teaching, attention, and support that you deserve.

And to make that process as easy as possible for you, we present Vijay Computer Academy’s certifications!

Here at VCA, we have specific certifications for your coding language of choice.

We’re currently with cohorts open for Phyton certifications, Java, Java Advanced, CSS, and JavaScript.

This way, you can make sure that you’re learning with the best didactic, the best experts, and on your own pace.

Oh, and of course, you get a diploma at the end, which is very helpful when you enter the workforce.

Our programming certifications are with special prices now, so it’s the perfect time for you to invest in it!

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Ok, so you got the support that you need to follow your programming journey. What’s next?

Well, there’s the 5th and last step: keep studying

Step 5: Keep studying – programming is consistency 

We know what you’re thinking: more studying?

But yes my tech friend, constant studying is of the essence for anyone who wants to become a really good programmer.

That’s because as every skill, you get better at coding as you practice – keep developing projects, participating in programming events, communities, and everything that gets you close to this world.

Technology is rich and deep, so the more you keep yourself updated, the more companies will want you.

And the more companies want you, the more money arrives at you, are we right

Chin chin!

Now you are ready to go – welcome to programming!

After you follow all these 5 steps, you’ll be on the right track to becoming a programmer!

Remember: it’s all about studying, enjoying the process, and mixing discipline with motivation.

Do that and you’ll be gold, ok?

PS: if you’re still feeling a little lost on all of these steps, go ahead and schedule a FREE consultancy call with our owner, Shefali.

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